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id and visa check on buses and trolleys

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    but my point is that if both my husband and I are shopping, and both of us look quite "american", if there is such a thing, we don't have a foreign accent, and both of us just have our driver's licenses with us, in a case of "illegal alien" search, how would my husband go about proving his status?

    how would all the U.S. citizens with foreign accents and foreign names go about proving their status while going about their regular business, like shopping or visiting friends down the block? Because if they do say that they are citizens, they cannot be detained, and if they were, hell would break loose. But what then stops a legal or illegal alien without an accent but with a legal id from saying they are citizens in order to escape detention and long checks on their status?
    I know many citizens and LPRs who don't carry anything else with them, but DL.

    I think it would cause an uproar among citizens if everywhere they went they would be asked to prove they are citizens... I mean none of the civilized countries has a check system like that....

    In some countries, for example, Russia, people are used to lawlessness and being constantly harrassed by the police, who are presumably searching for "unregistered" people, but who are in fact looking for a bribe. All people in Russia must carry their passports at all time. This is not the case in the U.S., though...


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        That would explain why terrorists have not hijacked planes into the Kremlin.

        Americans SHOULD be outraged that people are not being checked and forced to have their fingerprints checked at every possible opportunity; planes, trains, cars, malls, etc ... No true American would object. Also on-the-spot citizenship tests should also be given and anyone who fails should be deported (including USC's).


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          actually, I'm a USC (6th generation of German descent, by the way), and I would absolutely, totally, strenuously object to being fingerprinted everywhere I go. Call me conservative, but I just don't want the government to interfere with my life that much.

          "Those who would give up essential liberty for temporary security deserve neither liberty nor security" - Benjamin Franklin


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            Driver's licenses used to be accepted as proof of legal residency or citizenship for travel between Michigan and Canada, and, of course, passports--don't know if they still are. If California had gone ahead and given driver's licenses to illegal aliens, Customs was planning to start requiring passports for travel between the US and Mexico (and probably the US and Canada).

            Federal law requires that immigrants carry proof of their immigration status. They haven't enforced that in recent years, though there was talk of it after 9/11--but the law's still on the books.


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              That would be such a hassle. Busses and trains already have a hard enough time keeping to thier schedules. Just imagine how long it would take to get somewhere if everytime someone got on they had to scan thier fingerprints and prove thier citizenship!! Talk about a way to discourage people from using public transportation!!

              A lot of senior citizens, who are some of the main users of public transportation, would be extremely offended. Older people often get offended if you even ask them for thier ID to cash a check!! I've seen people at the bank get angry about it on many occasions. One gentlmen who was in front of me in line at the bank became extremely irate when the teller politely asked to see his ID.

              Anyone who thinks that most Americans want such hassles needs to think again. It is one thing to be grilled when entering the United States from a foreign country, it is quite another to be grilled when going about everyday business.
              Have a nice day


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                Porcelain--What I'm worried about is not government, but all the private companies that have data about me, and exchange or sell it. I'd rather have officials that I elect, and who are accountable to me, collecting data, and getting it right, than some company who's shipping my data overseas without my knowledge or consent. Actually, I'd better start reading those privacy notices I get--better you should too, if you don't already.


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                  Originally posted by Michael:
                  That would explain why terrorists have not hijacked planes into the Kremlin.
                  well, actually Russia, and Moscow in particular, has been plagued by terrorist acts... Not on a scale as large as WTC, but many "smaller" ones that took lives of many innocent people. If you could call them "smaller", because a human life is a human life, no matter how few of them are taken at a time...

                  And apparently, these terrorist attacks are not stopped or prevented in Russia, even though there are soldiers and policemen on every corner, checking documents of every darker looking person.. They do look away if slipped a couple of bucks.


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                    Aliba, that's a good point too. I was thinking of a more 1984 scenario with the government knowing all my movements, but you're absolutely right about companies and their data lists. I feel like I'm already making opt-out phone calls every time I turn around. The amount of information they collect is already extremely invasive, and I don't feel like giving another inch to these people.


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                      Just more freedoms we will loose at the hands of those who do not belong here , they hide among us, use us, our rights , use our country ,all to fill there greedy agenda, get used to it !!!!


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                        You don't necessarily need or want to check everyone's ID. It's like a driver's license--if you're stopped for something, or entering/reentering the country, you'd have to produce it.


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                          The land of the free turns KGB.
                          Sweet Madame Belu


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                            you, living in free America, can't even imagine what KGB is capable of..


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                              try being a mexican guy walking around in japan. You'll get pulled over ANYWHERE and asked for immigration status. People here should be lucky it's not even close to that.

                              -= anv =-


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                                KGB is scarier, since it does all sorts of thing to its own people... not just foreigners that look different...


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