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    It's unclear from copy-pasted story what had actually taken place.

    Sounds as if Deutch (Dutch?) Citizen was in US, overstayed visa, then went to Canadian Border , was stopped at the border and sent back into US and consequently denied voluntary departure from US and judge denied him relief because he re-entered US illegally?

    How could this be?

    1. Was he held responsible for the actions of Canadian Border officials who deported/returned him to US?

    2. Further, how could he re-enter US if he was not allowed to/didn't enter Canada in the first place?

    It's impossible to comment on the story that is implausible, unless the OP clarifies details that appear to be incoherent and self-contradicting (and OP can't participate because, as macyuhoo claims, this post is copy-pasted from some other forum).

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  • Hudson
    Originally posted by macyuhoo:
    Any comment or advice on this one? They need help so badly...
    Not much the USC can do. If the USC spouse files the I-130 with the I-485, he will be barred because of the immigration court decision. The filing of the waiver will be necessary to complete the adjudication process, but each wiaver is completed on a case by case basis. The couple is in a difficult situation with little or no determined answers. The best thing for the USC spouse is to file the I-130, I-485, and the I-601 for the waiver and explain the facts and circumstances after the immigrant spouse leaves to home country. Perhaps in time, the immigrant spouse will be allowed in, but it is difficult to say. Otherwise, the only other viable alternative is for the USC spouse to live abroad, but that is not much of a choice.

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  • macyuhoo
    Any comment or advice on this one? They need help so badly...

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  • macyuhoo
    started a topic Need Help !

    Need Help !

    I got this story from another blog. These guys need help. Any advice would be of great help:

    "I am a U.S. Citizen who met A Deutch Citizen while he was visting his brother. We fell in love and got married. I had no idea of any immigration laws (my error) He was on the Visa Waiver Program at the time. Our thinking was he needed to go back to take care of his business and then we were going to find out what we needed to do or file for him to come back. We discussed who had more to lose in the way of who would move to which country and we decided that I had much more to lose by up rooting and moving to his country. I had an unfortunate problem, I was forced out of the business I was in and had to make a serious decision as to what I should do to make a living. With his enormous belief in me I decided to begin a business on my own. He assisted me with his knowledge of bookkeeping and extensive knowledge of computers and he risked everything to help me and ended up overstaying his Visa. He had a flight booked out of Canada but that flight was several after that date. He left not knowing what the consequence was and was stopped right at the Canadian Border and was not allowed to enter. They sent him back into the U.S. and he turned himself him explaining what had happend. (That did not matter) he was denied a voluntary departure and denied any bond. I spent my savings and hired an attorney who attempted to get him out on bond based on the fact we were married. The judge did not want to hear bout it. The judge said you re-entered the U.S. illegally and now you are getting deported with a bar on your record. We had the attorney file all the necessary paperwork, and after I researched so much information we realized the odds of the 2nd circuit court appealing this judges decision was 1 of out 100 and in the mean time he would be stuck in prison for who knows how long. Then I get news his grandmother is dying. We decided and our attorney suggested that he allows the U.S. to deport him and try to deal with this from abroad. The point is he was out of the U.S. and we have proof. Now what are the odds anyone will allow a waiver against this bar? This is so horrible as my son is a U.S. Marine, I spent all my money in savings, he lost his business, what are we to do at this point? It appears as though I must make a decision, either I give up everything and try to move to his country or we are simply dumed to never to together again. I have no health insurance and this stress has made me so sick lately I am not sure who to turn to or even what to do. I blame myself for being ignorant about the immigration laws and for him being in prison for over 2 months now. He has never had anything on his record, he comes from a good family and has never ever been in trouble in his life with the law. We both are good hardworking people who simply wanted to spend our lives together. I spent my life working hard and now I am faced with this."
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