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History/Goegraphy Lesson for Sugarpoof

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    You are a textbook case of a person in denial Dragonlady. Links have been posted on this thread and another from the Canadian conulate, U.S. consulate, the border patrol and even 2 ivy league schools. All say that Canadian require an I-20 to enter legally as a student.

    You continue to be beligerant and your point seems to be that you don't think there is difference between a visa and a visa status. You then flaunt the violation as if there will be no long term ramification. Amazing, especially when you consider the punitive immigraiton environment in which we live.

    Sad really.


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      dragonlady, read more texbooks.
      If you don't listen sugarpuff, you may be bought free bus ticket back to Canada and under "long term ramifications" he means you will be free to go to any other part of the world , or stay in Canada, which is where you came from anyway.

      This guy is a TRUE cementhead.


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        This came directly from the ICE website. If "Ivy League" schools want to make their own rules they can.

        Is a 1-94 the same as an I-20?

        Visa Waiver is different from visa exempt - 21 countries are VWp(visa waiver program) - 3 are visa exempt.

        Have you ever entered Canada? I have American friends who have the gold star on their license plate (You know about this program I assume) and they are just waived through. I have another American friend who has children in Canada - He has been going to Canada for 12 years - He flahes his drivers license and he gets in - no paperwork. In the 30 years I have been crossing the border, I have never had to fill in anything. I went to University in Ohio and never had to fill in any paperwork. When I got to the border and they said "where are you going?" I told them I was going to University - they said "good luck". Another time, when asked, I told them I was going for a job interview - they said "Good luck". A month later, when I recrossed the border, the same officer asked me if I got the job. I said" yup" and he said "Congratulations" and waved me through - he didn't even look at my driver's license.

        I know that I will die a horrible death for this but that is the way it is. Where I am living now, we all cross back and forth between islands. We are just not running into the horror stories you are talking about.

        I guess there is a difference reading about it and living it.

        Has anyone else on this forum crossed the Northern Border?


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          I've never dealt with the school/employment issue but I've flown in and out of Canada. I have a friend who lived in Niagra Falls for years, US side. He drove back and forth all the time.... I plan to get a passport this time, last time I had ID and birth certificate.


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            Did you ever fill in a I-94 entering the country?

            Good idea to get a passport - you can then go to lots of countries and see the world - which is exciting.

            They are now talking Border Crossing Cards and not passports but I have always had a passport - I love to travel (my boyfriend are talking Fiji for Christmas!)

            Did you visit Eastern or Western Canada. They are very different from each other.


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              now that we know who you are, please teach some lessons to this "cementhead" sugarpuff who's lately been annoying all of us with his squarehead comments.


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                ImmortalE - You are a good person. (Who am I? - do tell!)

                I really didn't mean to go on like that - but I am proud of my country and I guess I don't like being called a liar. I don't believe I said anything bad about Americans or the US but if something was taken that way - I am sorry.

                I really am just trying to be helpful and share what I know. I suspect I annoyed some (never mind sugarpuff) and I apologize for that as well.

                I am not sure I can do much about sugarpuff - that person has their own issues and the gray areas of rules elude that person. I suspect Sugarpuff is a female - fairly young who is trying to find her place - and she has a great desire to know something and be right.

                Most people on this site are not like that.

                I think the best we can do is try to get the correct information out there and try to help those who are asking. Never mind the negatives, we all meet those and learn our lessons from them.



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                  I think the best we can do is try to get the correct information out there and try to help those who are asking. Never mind the negatives, we all meet those and learn our lessons from them.


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                    Ah, childish insults...the last refuge of the guilty and ignorant.

                    The best Dragonlady can do is to keep telling herself she or her daughter never violated the law by going to school in the U.S. without the proper status.

                    It will catch up to always does.

                    I am tired of dealing with your denial and ImmortalE's lack of maturity. I still have not heard IE make an intelligible ponint on this topic. So I will close this issue as I AM ABLE TO. Unfortunatley Dragonlady it is never going to be closed for you. Immigration violations have a way of haunting people infinitum.


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                      Ah, childish insults...the last refuge of the guilty and ignorant.
                      What if I say that "guilty" is your subconcsious, because you are raised in a family where REPRESSION is a norm?
                      Mind you: REPRESSION is not a CONTROL.
                      CONTROL starts when children reach the age of 12-13.
                      REPRESSION dates back to very early stages of your development.
                      What is it, that I call a REPRESSION?
                      No, it's not about repressed memories. I use terminology as I chose. Get the essence!
                      And I will explain this as simple as I can.

                      Your genealogical tree, your ancestry are nothing but intellectual and moral midgets, dating centuries back.
                      Your are one of those whom Jung decsribed as having a "wooden face".
                      All stiffed-up, all uptight, all gentle among each other.. but you awfully and badly have to repress all your HUMAN instincts to appear a kind of "wood-face" that you are.
                      And what happens to your HUMAN instincts?
                      Oh, they boil inside of you and seek release.
                      Not having the proper way out they keep circulating inside you and they go through a long way, all the way through your intestines.
                      That's when you badly need to ****.
                      And that's when you start searching for scapegoats. Ah, how convenient that immigrants are there!
                      So you can project all your d.amned , repressed and hidden "guilt" on them and please your sick subconscious by act of "punishing", "reprimanding" or saying anything negative about them you can.
                      Actually, if I was a Doctor of Psychiatry, I would welcome your drivel to a certain point.
                      After all you may need it as a therapy. The only problem is: your type of case never improves from simply spewing that stinky s.hit out of your chest all over innocent people.
                      It onlyt gets worse over time.
                      So, I thought, it would be a good idea if I could raise your conscious awareness of what is going on deep inside your subconscious mind.
                      It really stinks in there, puff, and you need to learn a way to empty your guts in toilet, not on public board that is.

                      Now shove it up your you know what, and good luck.



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                        Actually, however negative one perceives she might be, Sugarpuff has offered much more advices & help in immigration matters than most ppl in her, unlike those who mainly post to incite problems or matters not related to immigration process.


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                          Are you also coming from REPRESSED background?


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                            Nope, thanks for asking though.


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                              You are welcome.


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