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A real thread - US citizen marrying a Mexican citizen

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    I have found a moderated site,, that offers much more factual and useful data without all the chest-thumping, spamming and racial ugliness found on this forum, so this will be my last post as I leave this war-torn wasteland for the attention-starved few to dominate going forward.

    My fiance and I have found the exact answers we needed and have prepared our filing of the I-129F for submission on Wednesday.

    As for and some of it's more "colorful" members...

    Nothing is more frightening and terrifying to any extremist on any side of an issue than the thought of rational thought, calm reason and, worst of all, peace and tolerance rather than joining in on the mob bigotry/hatred mentality. Whether you are a bible-thumping christian conservative taking the self-proclaimed job of judgement into your own hands and banning all who disagree in any way to the fires of hell "in God's name" or an Islamic extremist who believes that all who differ should be slain for the glory of Allah. Religious zealot Christians believe they are justified killing abortion doctors and patients "in God's name" just as Islamic fundamentalists believe they will go to heaven if their suicide bomb attack kills infidels in the process.

    Hate is simple. Hate is easy. Looking down on or labeling people based on race, skin or birthplace is simple and tidy. Crime and rule-breaking is also easy. Seeing people in one dimension and slapping a simplistic all-encompassing label on them is equally easy and tempting to a weak and simplistic mind rather than delving deeper and viewing the whole picture.

    Peace, balanced justice, rational thought and compromise are the hardest paths to walk and so few even dare attempt them these days.

    May whatever religious event you observe bring you a little closer to peace during this holiday season.


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      <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">ProudUSA: No matter what you currently believe, you should be aware that an American has a right to marry whomever they want to...but, no foreigner, not even one who is married to an American, has a right to live in America...without the authorization of the American government. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

      I am no bleeding heart liberal, SunDevil - lol. I understand that a US citizen has the right to marry their person of choice; so why do our laws make it so difficult for the fiance or spouse to be approved to move here? I can appreciate all sides of this issue, believe me. I wish others could. Our immigration laws are very complicated and leave alot to be desired. Furthermore, the US has done little to enforce the laws that currently exist. Thus, we have the situation we are currently facing.

      Merry Christmas and Happy, happy 2008. Perhaps we'll see some changes next year!


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