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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by iperson:
    Hey Nigga.. Beverly is it? Go back to Africa. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Hi there I(gnorant)person. Great screen name because it truly suits you. So Ignorant person, sorry to tear down your delusion of racial superiority, but I am not a nigga nor have I ever been to Africa, born and bred in the USA.

    BTW, did you know that niggas come in all colors and all you have to do is be an ignorant fool such as yourself to qualify?

    That being said, I see you're a nigga from Poland, yet another cesspool. If you let me know where you are I'd be happy to contact ICE and happier to invest a few of my tax dollars to send you back to your hell hole cesspool. America has enough racist, ignorant idiots with low self esteem just like you.

    Hey davdah: Don't worry about me I marched with Dr. King and have been called worse than these amateur 3rd world racist could ever call me. I know who I am and that I am not what they call me so it's all just sticks n' stones.

    I laugh because no matter how many n-ig-gas they call me, I'm still AN AMERICAN CITIZEN and and that trumps every vile name they think of to call me. Whether they like it or not, they have to return to their cesspools where they are considered the bottom tier of cowardley, poverty stricken ni-ggas by their respective oligarchys.

    Take care Davdah!
    Wolves Travel In Packs


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      dear Beverly: that EET iperson has continually demonstrated that she does not deserve to hold even green card status (which she obtained by fraud, lying to our embassy and border employees)..she constantly belittles the US of A, yet this cabbage-eating EET refuses to cash in her green card and go back and show the world what a first-rate country Poland is....why? because she knows that her life would be 1000 times worse in downtown Warsaw....and now she uses racial remarks? I say cancel her ill-gotten GC and deport her sorry behind....


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        wow....iperson got off her knees long enough to post something (stupid, but hey, it's something)...still selling air-starts on the street corners for $2 each, iperson?
        Come on, hurl more insults at America....tell us all how wonderful Poland is....gosh, in America you make $2 per bj....what did you earn in Poland? 3c each? A pound of cabbage for a handjob?


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          <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by davdah:
          I think I can say with some level of confidence I am smarter than you. If your anything like the Pollocks in the town I grew up in then I am absolutely sure. I am not surprised you were the one who made the racial slur.

          The Pollocks I knew before were the most racist people I've ever met. Their hatred wasn't limited to people of different color, oh no. They hated anyone who wasn't a '' But in the end I and a few others got the last laugh. They are still there, sitting on their porches, picking their noses, drinking strohs beer, and not knowing what to do with themselves.

          Yup, I think I can safely say I got the last laugh. But, it sounds like you have something. So lets hear it. Thrill us with your intellect. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

          You too Davdah? Just wanted to add and 150 years later they still live here illegally in their enclaves, too stupid to learn English.

          Hey Someone12:

          Wolves Travel In Packs


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            <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by iperson:
            So how does it hurt to taste your own medicine menions?
            Now not for a second do I think Beverly is a new poster here.
            Have a great day wherever and whatever hole you crawled out from. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>


            I cannot tell you how disappointed that I am in your racial comment to Beverly. This is the first time on this board that I have seen any member hurl a derogatory racial name at another.

            and then comback and say how do you like it????

            undocumented illegals is not a racial matter. and trying to mix these issues will not work.

            This is really bad


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              deleted. I'm outtta here


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                to that racist iperson...EET = Eastern European "hole in the hedge" (a British term, look it up)


                • #53
                  Every person should get on their knees in front of their computer screens and bow to the perfect Beverly. The one person in the whole world that GOD made absolutely perfect. She has never made a mistake. No one in her family has ever made a mistake. They are absolutely perfect.

                  You have to be the rudest, self-centered, self-important person that I have ever run across.

                  What kind of life do you have? You sound pathetic.
                  I walk into places and hear these older people talking about Mexicans. At least that is what they call all Spanish speaking people. I use Mexican but they use illegals. It amazes me how many people talk about something they don't have a clue about. They put their own spin on things and take that as the gospel.

                  As far as khanndice's post about people knowing more than one language and American's not speaking good English, she is absolutely right. Davdah, you can't blame that on illegals. It truly depends on which part of the country you live in. Different parts speak English in different ways. The south uses the words like ain't and ya'll. The north uses words like pop and soda. Most of them don't even know what grits are. In some parts, blacks have their own type of English they speak. I have had a lot of Spanish speaking people tell me that they can understands people from the north, better than from the south. The English most of them use is the correct and proper form. I will not attack someone on the race, but Beverly you can't keep throwing your remarks around and not expect someone to attack back. After all you are attacking anyone who speaks different than you. I don't take anything said in these post personally, but I can't believe how much hatred as festered in this country. Beverly, you can blame the illegals, but those illegals didn't vote the politicians in office. In fact, if you are older, you have voted more times than most people. So, you and others like you are responsible for the shape of this country. After all those of us new to this voting arena, haven't voted for all of these jackasses. So take you share of the responsibility. As far as traveling to other parts of the world to see how they live, it is very small minded of you to talk about and condemn people from other places without knowing anything about them.


                  • #54
                    If someone wants to use the word ain't, I guess it is a word. It is in the dictionary. If you are on AOL, click edit, dictionary, and type ain't. I don't recall the people in the U.S. complaining about the different types of Spanish, Mexicans use. They just complain about the fact they use Spanish at all. Most complain because they were to lazy to take a second language when they had the chance.

                    I think any person who can speak more than one language ought to be applauded. Especially people who have learned our language as their second language. I find it commendable that they would take the time to learn. After listening to some people on this site and others, I am beginning to ask myself why does this country still consider itself a great country.
                    If this country does not stand together, then it will fall. That includes every person (legal or illegal) with their feet firmly planted in this country. This path that people are pursuing is dividing this nation. The problem with that is we are creating enemies. Not just enemies abroad, but enemies right here. In the years to come those citizen babies will be adults. Most of the people pissing and moaning right now will be dead. That leaves the rest of us to clean up the mess and deal with the hate that has been festering. Those children, that will be left, will remember what is being done to them. They will never forget how their country turned on them. They will not forget how people in this country hated them. It is hate. A child never ask to be born. God handles that. So, when you spew your venom, remember that is one of God's children and you will have to answer for what you have done.

                    I understand the need most people feel about protecting this country. If anyone really wanted to protect and build this country, they would work for real, positive solutions. Taking into consideration the future of our children and grandchildren. Those children will be living in a country were these children of illegals are adults. The roles will be reversed. Is that what you wish for the children of this country?


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