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    600 Lebonese killed by Israli over reacting.

    USA want to "stand on ceremony" led by GWB

    [Quote] Because the "US" in this instance is being led by a President who ignores the laws that he wants to, and who apparently has visions for both the U.S. and the World that he's not bothering to share with the rest of us. [quote]

    I think today's press conference was a preview to GWB's vision. It was real clear what he is going for under the guise of "Democracy"

    Thanks God Europe is not falling for it. And that is the diffference in American people's education and Europe's. It has been brought out so many times on this board taht americans are ignorant to culture and world news. If CNN/Fox reports it.. then its straight from God.

    Even the Arab leaders that USA coerced or paid to condemn Hezbollah , are now recanting their position about it as they see what is really happening.

    GWB exposed himself today and america for the real plan in place. Hopefully something can intervene and save this once beautiful country and its beautifully cultured and intelliget peoples.


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      I thought the dead in Lebanon is 400. Is it 600 now? This many compared to less than a hundred Israelites killed? This war is not evenly matched. It's like a heavyweight boxer fighting a featherweight.

      Bush and Blair are calling for peace while at the same time telling Israel to go ahead. We don't need the US or other countries to tell Israel to stop this slaugtering of innocent civilians. Just a word from Bush and the US, Israel will bow down and kneel like a obedient dog.


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