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Mailorder Brides: Russia or Ukraine?

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  • Mailorder Brides: Russia or Ukraine?

    Which country has better mail order brides?

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    Which country has better mail order brides?


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      i don't think it matters which country -- no bride will want to be with such an immature person


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        I'm curious. Why would a man who is so Pro-America ask a question about foreign brides?


        • #5
          I would to say Ukraine, since i am from there ( although i am not a mailorder bride). Ukrainian women and people in general are much nicer then russians...But really, why do American men get mail order brides? I never understand that.
          There are so many American wonderful, beautiful, smart women who are single.


          • #6
            at risk of being crass, I have experienced, breakup se* and makeup se* and angry se* and thus can only imagine what green card se* is like.

            Alas we are led by not by our thoughts but by our impulses.


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              mikey, i guess it would depend on the package, if you know what i mean, and what you pay for!
              do you want your package sent in cartoon paper? the ups brown paper bag generic wrap? glossy glittery frilly??
              then of course there's the stamp and cost of mailing ... you want cheap boat cargo shipping or nextday air arrival???

              sounds like a lot to think about!


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                I wrote an answer to a comment you made about something I posted...I can't say I like you too much, but I was curious to read more of what you post...I can confirm now that I really don't like how you think, especially about women...Whatever you personally went through, you need to understand that in many cases, things happen for a reason. Not all of us come here to cheat anyone. I was raised in this country as a child, and wanting to follow my father's footsteps I came back many years later to study. It is a shame that men go through Mailorder Brides in seek of the real thing..They only get what they deserve because in many of these cases it really doesn't matter who they marry (pervert, monkey, stupid)...All they want is freedom from their situations. Micheal, forget and move on. True People exist and yet, to be honest they are not the ones with Green Cards-it's the opposite and will continue as long as there are men who think (maybe) like you. Take care.


                • #9
                  All I care about is LOVE. American women are s k a n ks. I would take the sleaziest and hottest 18 year old mail order bride over any American woman.


                  • #10
                    Don't call me a s k a n k!


                    • #11
                      After 2 or 3 years I will be dumping her for another 18 year old and the young hot US guys are welcome to my garbage; no alimony and no nonsense


                      • #12
                        We all have a vision of what the one we love might look like and most likely all of us would like that person to be beautiful. Let us not forget that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When you love someone that person is beautiful. My ex husband is a very handsome man, but after living with him and seeing how hateful he really is I stopped seeing him as handsome and only saw an ugly man in front of me.

                        Michael it seems to me that you are only looking to have s e x with young Russian women. By bringing themm here you are contributing to the immigration problem you claim to want to fix. Perhaps you only want to hurt Russian women because one hurt you? You told me once to let it go and I really appreciated your advice because I believed it came from your heart. How can you justify what you are doing? It is NEVER right to use a person for any reason. Wasn't it you who wanted to know if we knew what fraud meant?

                        Love cannot be purchased online, on the street or over the phone. It must be found by the heart, mind and some help from the eyes.

                        There are plenty young women and men willing to sell their bodies to an older and/or wealthier person. I can't see this type of beginning ever lasting.


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                          USCIS is not stupid????? Obviously you have not been reading about the countless fraudsters getting away with it on this board. You think they care about a USC marrying 5 times for love while they don't care about obvious fraudsters !? Why can't a hot young girl love me? My mistake last time waas that I was too generous and kind; I have learned from my mistakes.


                          • #14
                            I have been reading and that's what bothers me.
                            I'm sure you can bring as many girls/women as you want. All you have to do is complete the application and pay the processing fee.

                            I'm not saying they can't love you. I'm asking if you can love them?


                            • #15
                              Can I love a Hot 18 year old?? H E L L yea !!!


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