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    any openion on this matter?


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        <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by ProudUSC:
        From </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

        Hey ProudUSC... your link came up as page not found. Is this the one you were speaking about ?
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          ok so thats the immigration,,so what's the possibility of other agancy's getting involved?i mean they said he ptetend to be an federal is the case,,on the paper that i recieved from the immigration showing that what i been charge with,,it doesnt show that charge or the claim to be an federal agent and army personal,,,on the charges paper it only showing the u.s citizen claim and all that,,but when the judge asked the DA if he have anything againts me he said no,,he have a clean record but he pretent to be an army and federal agent personal,he had that paper but it didnt show on the charges paper that i had ,so at the end the judge said that he will send the DA to the immigration boarder were i had that problim and he will talk to them and c if they will drop them,,so he did and the judge informed us that they agreed to drop them off,,and then he give me the paper sighned by him and stated that i was allowed to withdraw my application for addmition and (waived by both),so is this mean that the charges were showing on the paper that i had or everything ?


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            i mean are they going to go after me after i get back and say that i was cleared by the immigration charges and this is something different that we'r going to charge u with ,,or that was including everything?


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              Mike, it would really help if you made an effort to post in understandable English.

              If memory serves me right he went to Mexico without a visa representing himself as a PR. Jordanians otherwise would need visa's to enter Mexico.

              He tried to re-enter the US without any visa that allowed him to do so, and was therefore turned back.

              His wife filed an 1-130 for him, he said a long time back that he would be interviewed in Mexico, I said at the time that sounded odd, he is not resident in Mexico.

              So now it sounds like when they filed they put his address down as being in the US, not Mexico, so an interview has been set for the US.

              I would bet a reasonable sum that the case needs to be sent to the Consulate in Amman for interviewing.


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                thnx the one but no actually we didnt put an address in the u.s ,,we put the address in mexico,and i dont think the immigration cares which address u provide them ,,the immigration only cares about if its a valid marriage ,,but when it gets to the national visa center ,ther the one who will decide if ur allowed to process in mexico or jordan,we did put the address in mexico but they send the file from the csc to the local immigration office in LA,and this interview is for my wife to go there alone,,for what,i have no idea


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                  There is such thing as I-130 interview. When USCIS suspects that a marriage was not in a good faith but rather to gain/keep immigration status, they may interview a petitioner before approving I-130.


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                    no ur wrong aneri,,it as nothing to do with suspects the marriage or not,,this is not a fraud interview,,and yes,,there is a such a thing as i-130 interview,,download the i-130 instructions and read the process part,,it says,,we may request for more documents,,or we may apprvve the potetion,or we may request that u appear for a standard interview,,and it has nothing to do with suspecting the marriage or not ,,,it could be just for few questions,,or something was answered wrong on the form and they wanna make it clear,,and in ther eyes ,all ppl who apply for status are fraud anyway,,so it doesnt really make any different,,and they cannot denied it anyway,,if u have a valid marriage and they want each other,,there is nothing they can do about it


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                      In 4 years I have never come across an I-130 interview, on this board or any other.


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                        ok i understand ,,i haven't either,,but that doesn't mean its not normal,like i said before,,it could be anything that they wanna ask about,,will,my marriage took place in the detention center,,so they may just wanna ask her why did u marry him while he wad detain,,or some answers on the form wern't answerd correctly and they wanna make sure,,maybe they wanna c the original documents,,or prove of relation ship,,,and all this is normal,download the instructions and read under processing information,,,


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                            I am teling you, it is not normal.

                            I must have sen thousands of people who post their experiances, go to, must be 10,000's plus a year, never seen it mentioned, once.


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                              it is normal,,,i agree with u that u have never heared of something like that and i agree,,but that doesnt mean its not normal,,it is,,first,,why would the immigration put on the i-130 insructions that they may request that u appear in person for an interview? and second,,on the online msg from the uscis,,it stated that this interview is a part of the processing for the i-130,,,and third i called an attorney and he said it could be for anything but it is normal,,it may cause delay,,but it's still normal,,first i switch lawyers twice while the form was pending,,and they recieve 2 diferrent g-28 from 2 different attorney's,,second on the question were it says have u ever been in immigration proceeding i said yes,,and the congress office keep calling them and they request my file twice from the record center,,and thats why too,,the marriage took place in the detention center ,,and thats why too,,,so it doesn't happen very often ,,but it is normal


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                                and also the different of age too


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