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      Hey mike_2007 - I think you need to contact the USCIS. Everyone's case is different and you can't rely on responses here for reputable help. Do you have a lawyer? You are from Jordan, right - stuck in Mexico? I wish you the best, because I can't imagine what you are going through!


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        <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by mike_2007:
        hello everyone ,,,ok 3 weeks ago i recieved a letter from the uscis asking for more evidence ,,so i did sent them right the way ,everything that they asked for ,,so i just recieved this emial from them today and it says(current status:response to request for evidence ,and case processing has resumed)and it says that i should recieved a writtin decision within 60 days,so i understand all this but my question is ,they r processing jan-2007 now and i filed back in jan-2007?so is this mean that i have to wait two more months to get the answer or they r going to process it when they get to jan?or they just say 2 months for everybody or what?why do i have to wait 2 months from now if they r processing jan and i did filed in jan? </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

        They are processing cases from Jan 07, including yours. It will take them 60 additional days to arrive at a decision.


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          You have to understand that each RFE (request for evidence) will likely delay the case processing. It is possible that the 60 day waiting period was caused by USCIS's request for additional documentation from you. Once they got to your case, they were not able to make a decision, since some documents were missing.

          Please have some patience. You may not have to wait the whole 60 days; who knows, maybe you will get a response pretty quickly.


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            mike, I would wait until you get the notice for your interview. I'm sure it will contain more information. Do you have an attorney? Sounds like you might want to look into hiring one. I still can't believe you were deported to Mexico. Unbelievable.


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              Mike, you're in Mexico right, with your wife?
              She's Mexican or a USC?
              Assuming you are both stuck in Mexico, it seems strange to me that the interview (for the I130?) will be in California. How do they expect you to get there? Definitely call the service center and get clarification asap.


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                mike, has your wife recently filed I-130? did she somehow indicate you are in the USA (your address?)?


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                  I went and read your original story. You said your wife filed the I130 in Jan. 2007? When were you sent to Mexico? I believe when the original I130 was filed, your address was probably the same as your wife's in CA, but your address changed since the form was filed. Correct? Somehow, your wife needs to let USCIS know that you are not in the US and she needs to do this ASAP to avoid any further confusion.


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                    Ok, that makes sense then. She will go to the interview without you, unless she can somehow get you emergency travel documents for you to come to the interview with her. This MAY be a viable option for you, at least worth looking into. See if she can get the travel docs for you to come to the interview. Is your name on the interview notice or just hers?
                    Because if yours is on the notice, there may be a chance for you. Call the servicing center, or go to the American Consulate in Mexico to inquire about the travel docs.
                    Just a suggestion, don't know how feasible it is, but definitely worth looking into.


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                      If You Have a Case Pending with USCIS
                      Even though it is not required by law, if you have filed any application
                      or petition with us and it is still pending a decision, you will want
                      to keep us informed of any change of address so you can get any
                      notices or decisions from us. For more information aboutthe best way
                      to notify us of an address change on a pending case, please see our
                      website, or call customer service at 1-800-375-5283. Please note,
                      however, that providing this information telephonically does not satisfy
                      your legal obligation to notify us of your change of address in writing
                      on Form AR-11.
                      1The only persons exempt from this requirement are nonimmigrants currently
                      in A or G status (e.g. foreign government officials and international organization
                      aliens) and certain nonimmigrants who do not possess a visa and whose
                      current stay in the U.S. has not exceeded or will not exceed 29 days.


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                        This site doesn't allow copy and paste, but it does say something about not postponing the interview if the immigrant cannot join you. Take a look, mike_2007.



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                          mike, we aren't seeing what you received, so it's difficult to help. Perhaps you can find a trusted person on this site and PM for more help. Without seeing the document you received, it's difficult to pass any judgement or give advice.


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                            I don't think you found a good attorney, mike. You need to settle down and think straight so you can proceed through the nightmare you are living. When you have a better frame of mind, try to find a reputable attorney that can help. Have you considered filing a hardship case? Perhaps that's the avenue you need to pursue?


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                              The only way to get through this, Mike, is with a clear mind. Don't dwell so much on the negative stuff and focus on the positive. Believe me, it works every time!


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