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LPR husband can't get letters needed for I751

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    Many of you having been walking with me in this.
    I appreciate it. I have printed almost everything.
    I have grown in this. I don't cry anymore. This
    is good. He is on his own now. He has been
    gone for a week or more, (clothes and stuff at
    home) but he is away. He's been away for a long
    time. WHen one doesn't appreciate anything, not
    even a birthday or thanksgiving....something...
    this is the height of "rudeness in not-caring"
    ..totally uncalled for on his part. The interview for the I751 is coming up......I imagine we will not do at all. We can't. I don't want to at all. So, I'm sure he's finding
    a loop-hole....he has a year work extension...
    but all depends on the removal of the conditions
    on the, I'm not worrying about this
    at all. There is "0" from him....if there is
    an interview..."i'm gonna be somewhere"....and
    just let him handle it... he says, it's between
    he and the INS, so let it be this way. I was
    told, "if he blows the golden opportunity you
    have given him"'s his problem. that's true. I told him, at one time, when I don't
    cry, I don't do ....then that is the time for
    you to worry".... I'm there and have been there.....
    i'm sure there are others who would appreciate..
    he is "sinking his own ship"...that's good.
    If the conditions are not lifted...and no interview...then , I don't know...I don't even
    care at this point... it's taken me a long time..lots of hurt, lots of tears.... I am not
    the bad guy in this....


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      "If there is an interview"? There is a chance that your husband's I751 may be adjudicated without an interview. If the parties are in divorce proceedings at the time a jointly filed I751 is adjudicated and USCIS are aware of that fact, regulations require that the joint petition be revoked and the beneficiary must replace it with a waiver. Success of the waiver is related to the evidence provided to support a bona fide marriage.

      I sense you are not interested in being used financially or emotionally and yet it appears you are holding out hope that he will return to you. I wish it were the case, but the history of your dilemma suggests it is not likely.

      If you truly believe that he should finish the immigration process alone, withdrawing the joint petition will place him in a position to do so and will also remove your obligation to the I864 (let you off the financial hook). There is not much time to do so, as once the I751 petition is decided, the Affidavit of Support (I864) will not be able to be withdrawn. Good luck in whatever you decide. Carpe Diem.
      The above is simply an opinion. Your mileage may vary. For immigration issues, please consult an immigration attorney.


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        he got a letter stating that there would be
        an interview coming up...that you and your
        spouse are to attend. he called at that time
        and said, we have an interview...need you for
        the interview...that was it..... so, I don't
        think the conditions will be lifted without
        the interview. So, sure he is looking for
        another way. He has not gotten letter saying
        when the interview is. We were goingn to do
        the N400 together, but that probably will not
        happen either.....


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          what has happened??
          if he got a letter about an interview in Oct it should have taken place by now ..

          plus, most 751's are getting approved without an interview, unless there are little to no documents included in the petition.

          what state are you guys in??


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            we are in Louisiana. Katrina hit here.
            they are several months behind....we have several
            friends who have all had to go to life conditions


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              You say "we are in Louisiana" does that mean you and your husband are back together? Of course, this is really none of my business, but you posted your situation looking for advise and I don't know about everybody else, but I'm confused.


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                Nireehamdi hadn't posted in awhile, so I wondered what happened. I think I saw something from her recently. I would like an update and sincerely hope she has cut all ties with this man and moved on.


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