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I751 approved TSC- NOA 3/30/04

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  • I751 approved TSC- NOA 3/30/04

    Just want to let everyone know I've received the I-751 approval letter today. All I need to do now is to need to make an info pass appointment. I know couple of you guys applied around the same time as I did. It will happen to you guys too. Just hang in there.

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    Just want to let everyone know I've received the I-751 approval letter today. All I need to do now is to need to make an info pass appointment. I know couple of you guys applied around the same time as I did. It will happen to you guys too. Just hang in there.


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      Hi Rxdot,

      Congratulations. Was it approved w/out interview? I will appreciate, if u could list down the supporting papers u filed with ur I-751?



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          Congrats Rxdot!

          When you make that infopass appointment make sure you go on a day you have time to wait. They actually make you wait for about an hour after the actual appointment time. At least that's how long I had to wait last week I went to the local INS office. Good luck!


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            Thanks Vito and monclovac,


            I was approved without interview. My counsins's wife works at a law office and she helped me to file I751. I didn't include too much information with I751 since both of my hysband and I go to school and we don't own a house or anything. Here's a list of things I send.

            copy of joint income tax of last 3 years
            copy of joint bank account
            copy of joint car insurance
            copy of marriage certificate
            copy of apartment leases of last 3 years
            copy of utility bills (some of them have my name and some of them have my husband's name)


            I've got nothing to say to you. You're just an abgry old man.


            Thank you for the advice. I won't make an infor pass til spring break so I have time to wait.


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              I should have waited until spring break too. The day I went to the local INS office to take my I-797C, I missed one of my classes. I did not know that they were gonna make wait for so long. Anyways, when you go to INS take with you your I-797C letter of approval, passport, three recent passport style photos, the infopass appointment sheet, and ID. Good luck!


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                I am extremly thankful to u for the information. God bless u.



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                  Another fraudster beats the system. It will get back to you grint in future for defrauding our country. Deportable grints can request free service to airport in depo bus; call 1-800-DEPOMAN.


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                    congrats Rxdot...


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                      When I came to this discussion board, I was mainly worried about the attorney I had hired. I became more proactive in my immigration issues, retained another attorney, and my case had a fast solution.

                      I sent you an email as soon as my I-751 was approved. I don't know if you've got my message.

                      Let me publish my timeline, as you like to be informed about that. Service Center San Francisco, CA

                      02/02/2000 married
                      03/10/2000 I-130, I-485, etc.
                      03/20/2001 AOS approved
                      Domestic violence had started before AOS, help of institutions,
                      09/15/2001 Three year restraining order
                      husband kept my conditional GC
                      11/10/2001 I-90
                      02/10/2002 received second conditional GC
                      11/01/2002 retained attorney recommended
                      as great to help file I-751 waiver
                      12/30/2002 filed I-751 waiver
                      03/10/2003 I filed for divorce,
                      husband contested
                      01/14/2004 USCIS sets my I-751 interview. I was informed one week before .
                      Attorney had another case in another city in CA. CIS had
                      scheduled both cases for the same time. Attorney decided to go with the other client, saying the person was being prepared before, etc. She said, she'd reschedule my interview. She sent a letter to USCIS requesting it. I tried to contact her calling once a month to know about the case. In July 2004 she called and said she'd place an inquiry. I kept calling to know about the inquiry result. I also sent a letter, email, and fax. She has never answered.
                      11/01/2004 I made an INFOPASS appointment to know about my case.
                      11/10/2004 I looked for a free immigration clinic help. Clinic attorney contacted
                      bad attorney. She said she was very busy, but she was going to place a fax inquiry with CIS. She had told me this five months before.

                      I was researching about immigration attorneys, trying to find one who would help me. I finally found my actual attorney, who is great and started to help me before I retained her. I think I can publish her name in case someone in the Bay Area needs a competent and supportive attorney: Sharon Dulberg. Her office is in San Francisco. She is an specialist in immigration. There aren't many in CA.

                      02/24/2005 I-751 interview. I was calm and secure with my attorney. My case was approved.

                      I'll be divorced in two months because I also retained a good family attorney to deal with my husband. He finally agreed to sign the divorce. It's a kind of sad story, but this is what happened with me.

                      I was helped by several professionals and institutions, and I am glad to be a resident. I wish this information can help some people with I-751 waiver.


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                        Congratulations Luma...


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                          Thank you, Pasha.

                          I also want to thank all the other people who are constantly posting comments and information to help who has less knowledge about the immigration process.


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                            Hey Deep what about me???


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                              Hi Deepbobs,

                              Send me an email to and I can tell you more details.

                              About the conditional GC you should apply for another immediately. I always look for nonprofit institutions, in order to file the forms right. The form for the card is I-90. I didn't know that, but they helped me, and I didn't have any problem. I paid only $20 for their service.

                              I was very insecure with all the troubles I had in my marriage. I got the first immigration attorney who wasn't good, but I learned and became more active. Then I found a very competent and supportive attorney. Just what I needed.

                              I'll wait for your message.


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