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When congress change 245 i or 3-10 years bar

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  • When congress change 245 i or 3-10 years bar

    I been marred with my wife 5 years I came here 2002 lawyer says if I back my country I can't come back 10 years I don't want take chance go back is there any good news for for my case like this

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    Hello Sansar and welcome to the forum

    Did you come into this country with a visa or did you sneak in without inspection?

    If it is the latter entered without inspection (EWI), then u have to return to your country if you want to adjust your status. There will be a 10 year bar once you leave, but it can be overcome with extreme harship waiver 601 if approved. The hardship must be to your wife as to why she could not go live with you in your own country.

    I am sure your lawyer spoke with you about this.


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      dear sansar820: (aka visa cheat)...We, the American citizens of this country, don't want lowlifes like you occupying space in our are nothing but a visa cheat, an irresponsible piece of slime...and thanks to your unwillingness to obey our laws, no doubt many of your countrymen can thank you when their visa applications are denied.... and now you want to find out what other laws you can avoid obeying.....sorry one gives a pile of cow about you.


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        S12, all rattled up after a good Glenn Beck induced crying session and filled with anger? You may consider trashing some illegal immigrants on these forums, perhaps to scare or guilt them back home. This is a proven strategy for securing our borders.
        Always interested in the H1-B visa, the Eb-5 Visa Program and other Eb5 Investor Visa related issues.


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          hey your neighbors know that you are selling out their jobs just to enrich yoruself? Why not let 'em know? I'm sure they'd be thrilled to learn that your patriotism is for sale....


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            Sorry, Congress, e.g. the Republican House of Representatives, will not be re-instating 245i or amnesty.


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              )) This smile for you sb 12 it's snowing out side take shovel clean up people drive way make money (siktigimin beyinsisizi) )) unemployed deep sheet


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                Opps. ? âm. Sorry i forget tell you somethink you are big Loser unemployed deep ****


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                  actually, Mr Visa Cheat, I have a job that requires two things you don't have (and never will)....(a) a blue passport and (b) an IQ above have a ratty, coffee-stained passport from some third world cesspool, and your intellectual quotient wouldn't rise above that of the average goat.


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                    Thanks, you help me a lot


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