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    Question to NJATTORNEY and AliBA, what would you do if you were in Duds place? Deport yourself? I don't think so, it's very easy not to care unless it's about you, 22 year old is trying to put his life together and asking for help and this is what you have to tell him?? Dud you are illegal and you broke the law?? I'm sure he knows about it and does not need to be reminded about, thats why he is asking for help. some people can be so ignorant and heartless. Get a grip people.


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      And if you were in our place, what would you tell him that the lawyers haven't already, and that he doesn't already know? There is no other alternative that any of us know of for him to legalize. He can remain here illegally and hope for an amnesty or get married. He can hope his brother is able and willing to sponsor him 6 years from now, though someone said there would be problems with the 10-year bar. If he remains here as is, he risks deportation. Period.

      It is not kind to keep deluding him that there are other answers. If you have them, YOU tell him. People being "kind" is what got him into his present situation, but it's not likely to get him out of it. He's spoken with lawyers, gotten our opinions (and that's what they are, opinions)--but now it's up to him. He's apparently coasted for the past few years, letting his uncles and family run his life to their advantage. He can keep going along, letting what happens happen and hoping that something or someone will come along and rescue him, or he can make his own decisions.

      Personally, well I don't think I would have been as passive as he and his family have been to date. The uncles have as much to lose as Dud and his family if they're show to have been aiding and betting.


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        I would not tell him anything at all, because I dont have any suggestion to him, thats why I didn't reply to his post. I replied to your and NJATTORNEYS "suggestions".and don't get me wrong, i'm not saying that he should get GC automatically because of his situation, but what exactly do you mean saying you would not be so passive, what would you do? His parents could have done something, and I agree that they should have, but I'm not talking about his parents, I'm talking about him. My point in last reply was that if you dont have anything to say that would help him, don't say it. you can still have your opinion but... is it so important to say it in such an unpleasant manner?


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          On the contrary, what I said definitely does help him--it disabuses him of the idea that somehow, somewhere, a miracle is going to happen. He'd already been to lawyers, who told him about the DREAM Act, and marriage, but he didn't want to believe them. He came here, to a site full of amateurs, looking for something else, and needs to be told there isn't anything else--unless someone else comes up with something the lawyers couldn't, but so far no one has.

          You asked me what I would have done in a similar situation, and I told you. What he does is up to him. As for being unpleasant, well, he can stand some unpleasantness, and he'd better get used to it, because if he continues on as he has been, he'll face a lot worse. He's a 22-year-old man, not a baby, and if he can't stand a few tough words, well, he'll have a lot more problems than I could ever give him.


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            AliBA, do you always max out the amount of unpleasantness someone "can stand"?
            I'm sure it would have been possible to convey your point in a polite and mature manner, instead of leaving your apparent frustration with illegal immigrants out on a person who is only looking for help.Why don't you focus your energy on keeping people from making mistakes, rather than condemning them for past ones??


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              I am keeping him from making past mistakes, namely the mistake of sitting back passively and wishing and hoping for the past 4 years. How do you think he got in this mess?

              What I haven't done is coddle him or pretend that what his family did is just fine, and that everything's going to be all right. He has a very real problem. He's been offered options by his attorneys and hasn't wanted to face them. He's got a real dilemma, where none of the options are what he wants.

              And why should he expect sympathy on an immigration board filled with people who are either legal immigrants or sworn to uphold the laws as officers of the court? Please, give all the sympathy you want, but it won't change his situation, and may even make him think that if he just keeps asking enough people, someone will have a way to legalize that he likes. Of course, he may find himself 50--and still illegal.


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                Hey guess what i just found out. Another option other then getting a FALSE marrage to obtain my green card would be to Join our national Forces. Thats right the U.S. Army, and you know what i would be proud to fight for this country because this country is all i know. I was told this by a recruitment center that if i serve X amount of time in the army they would help me adjust my status. I guess thats my answer. I Appreciate all the feedback that i have recieved from the site, wether it was negative or positive. I understand everyone stands differently when it comes down to immigration. So i am going to go ahead with joining the army to help both myself and my country, and a little bit out of spite to all those who said i was breaking the law and i should go deport myself. Well look at me now, im going to be out there with those hundreds of thousands of Fine men and woman fighting for all those who have been hurt by Senseless terrorism. Wish me luck.


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                  Good I am pleased for you

                  You have at last seen the light and now prepared to do something about it

                  As I said before God helps them that help themselves


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                    Sorry to burst your bubble, Dud, but the military does not take illegal aliens anymore. You have to be a permanent resident. They can help you get CITIZENSHIP and they can ask CIS to speed up an EXISTING green card application but until you are granted permanent residence you are not eligible. Once upon a time they used to take people in and give them a green card in return but those days are long over.


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                      You are wrong!!!!!!!!!!!

                      Just checked

                      I have sent e-mail to them to verify just incase of mistake

                      Unless of course they have told you to join army and when you turn up you will be arrested and deported.

                      So maybe they are tricking you into false hope


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