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    I want to do full time in the evenings, and I want to be done with law school in a maximum of 3 and half years. I am only 22 years old so I have plenty of energy, however, I have a very demanding in a lawfirm it will be 3 most stressful years of my life but and I think of the rewards I just feel more motivated to put with it.

    My dream was to attend Columbia but it does not have evening sessions, so my first choice is NYU, if I am not accepted I will try, Fordham, New York Law, Cordozo, and Brooklyn.


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      Hi aguila ,

      I don't know much about LSAT but I would like to give you some info on preparing for US system based board exams... when I gave my step 1, step 2, CSA and step 3 ... I didn't take any Kaplan classes ... I gave all those exams here in USA... but I have talked to so many friends about this Kaplan classes and their opinions vary a lot...for some those classes are useful who wants to give all these tests in a timely manner ... for others (most) they go for the exams without Kaplan classes...and some take a chance first and if they fail in exam then they join the Kaplan...

      To be honest with you Kaplan has live preparation course and video prep ... and all they do is just read / explain the notes / books what they give for preparation... so I would advise you if u can get those preparation notes of kaplan and Q- bank / Q – book then u r set to go... though I don't know nothing about LSAT... I m just giving you a general idea...

      I bought all those books, CDs (short video lecture from Kaplan) and question books on e bay for cheap price .... They sell everything pirated on e bay...and to be honest with you who cares even if those are copies and pirated or photocopies as long as u get the same stuff to prepare for those board exams... (For example for the same stuff u gonna pay them in thousands of bucks and on e bay u will get the same stuff for few buck like everything in 100 $)...

      Other thing I want to tell you that US board exams are multiple – choice questions so I don't know much about LSAT but first read the theory or those text book that Kaplan gives or any other source...don't start initially questions without having known theory in depth... that will be mistake coz u will never learn the strategy how to deal with MCQ in real exam in timely manner... once u r done with theory ( or u can start doing question together with theory on subjects u have already reviewed...but never ever focus on questions only at the starting point) ... now once u r done with theory ... do only questions ...and do as many as u can...( by the way for theory just stick to the one source...never try to read so many sources / books on the same thing or u will be drained and lost)... for questions get every source what u can and first try to answer it yourself...and read explanation why other answers are wrong... coz by doing this u will be revising the theory and material itself...

      I don't know for LSAT but if u really want to go for Kaplan and if u guys have this kinda section from Kaplan for LSAT ..then get enrolled for online Q – bank ... those questions are real good and that kinda questions will come on the board exams...

      Take as many practice tests as u can in timely manner...and before exam do not study anything coz if u don't know something by that time then u wont know it anyway...take rest and go for it... I bet u will kick a s s on the board exam... other strategies on how to prepare on exams I will e mail you...good luck...Pasha


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        Hi james c,

        U already got good advices...u might want to visit this link...

        and particularly read this one...

        for filing a good faith waiver u have to have divorce decree before that u cant file that waiver...and I don't see any other waiver that u can file after reading ur posts... so as u have waited this long u might want to have a friendly talk with ur wife to wait little bit longer if she agrees or proceed for divorce and then file waiver...good luck...Pasha


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          Well, for the first time Michael has actually said something I agree with... I think his recommended strategy is worthwhile. As for Kaplan, you may be able to pick up their book on Ebay. The course probably offers little more, but by having the book you can decide better for yourself. But, ultimately, it is an aptitude test. If you are shooting for NYU, I expect that you are already accustomed to doing well on these type of tests.

          As I remember, the ABA does not allow one to work more than 20 hours per week if they are in a full time program. I have also heard that in recent years the ABA has begun new requirements- like requiring law students to actually attend classes. I sure am glad I got out in time! Best of luck.


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            I am sorry for my ignorance but can you explain what the ABA is?

            I always thought you have to ATTEND classes, how was it before?


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              American Bar Association. I thought you were a paralegal ? How could you not know that ???


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                I never have to deal with the ABA in my life before... my training as a Paralegal comes from an Ivy League solo practicioner that I worked for a while back.

                Reply my e-mail


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                  In the past you just needed to pass the end of semster exams. Classes were for entertainment.


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