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What happened to Aguila and John Doe?

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  • What happened to Aguila and John Doe?

    Are u guys done with I 751? What happened to JD's interview ?...Pasha

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    Are u guys done with I 751? What happened to JD's interview ?...Pasha


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      Yes Yes... Inquiring minds want to know.

      Hey guys... How is everyone and you too Pasha. Doesnt look like I missed anything being away.
      0 Some things never change More Philosophy than immigration going on here I see. ;


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        You have been gone too much! You have let things get out of control! <insert row of red faces here> Good to see you


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          Hi 4now...

          Its good to see you...long time I haven't seen u ...must be busy... nothing much here...I m still waiting for my I 751 ... I haven't received any approval or interview letter.. I m sending my N 400 application this week...other than that same o ... in couple of months I will be done with PGY 1... I m wondering what happened to John Doe's interview and Aguila? Keep visiting the board...have a great day...Pasha


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            Time to kick some butts here, I tell you


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              How are you!? Well, I am still waiting for the adjudication of my I-751..., I have waited for so long now that it doesn't even bother me. I think that in a way I know it will only get adjudicated once I filed the N-400 to which I would be eligible to file on 1/17/06 which is not that far away now.

              Since my file was transfered back from Newark to VSC on December, I call once every two months to find out where my case is, and it still remains at VSC as per my last call on March. As long as my file is in VSC I still have a chance of approval without interview but, also as long as my file is there the longer it will take to have an interview since Newark is taking between 6-12 months to schedule an interview after receiving the file from VSC.

              I took the LSAT con February and I did not do good, mostly because I could only prepared for it with 4 weeks of anticipation...I got a low score but I still applied to 8 law schools, to see if I could get in this year. If I do not get in, I will start preparing in June, for the December administration of the LSAT. That's all for now.

              I am now preparing for my annual trip to South Beach, FL.

              Take care!



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                Don't worry Aguila ! You will do better. Follow these steps next time:

                1) Register with next time and apply electronically

                2) Buy the LSAT Logic Games Bible (no other LSAT books are necessary - TRUST ME)

                3) Buy at least 20 original previous LSATS from LSAC. Work through at least 5 of these without being timed; especially the logic games. Then do the remaining 15 TIMED under exam conditions.

                4) DO NOTHING THE DAY BEFORE except maybe see a movie; get lots of sleep

                GOOD LUCK AGUILA !!!!


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                  hi aguila...

                  I m doing good...thanks for the update... don't worry abt LSAT percentiles as long as u get admission in a law school...good luck...keep in touch... I will let u guys know once I head something from BCIS...Pasha


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                    BTW Aguila and Pasha. I am still waiting on the I-751 interview and my N400 interview is scheduled on May 9.

                    Will keep you guys posted how it went. Right now, I am just gathering information on the matter.

                    PS - anybody went to Oakland CA for N400 while I-751 pending?



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                      good luck mamon... hopefully I will have some news before 9th May...good luck for ur interview...Pasha


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