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How come I cant check my N400 case status online?

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  • How come I cant check my N400 case status online?

    I applied for naturalization in April 2004, had fingerprinted in June. I tried to check the case status online, however the system says it cannot find my case number. Any explanation?

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    I applied for naturalization in April 2004, had fingerprinted in June. I tried to check the case status online, however the system says it cannot find my case number. Any explanation?


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      For some reason, some people are not entered in the system. I applied in June, was fingerprinted in August and am not in the system either.


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        Unfortunately N-400 are not included in the processing charts, and the reason is that you file them in the service center and they are adjudicate at the district office. They are moving pretty quickly. If you move you need to call the I-800 customer service number and they will do the change of address.


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          A. Yes, the processing dates are included - you look under your local office.

          B. Your answer has nothing to do with the question.


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            I'll be more than happy to explain it for you. Individual file N-400 cases are not reported, so you will not see them in the case status online. You were fingerprinted so your case is there. However, the cases are not kept in the case online status.


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              You don't get.

              Go to

              Here is an example that shows the processing dates for Baltimore, MD. N-400 is showing September 25, 2003.

              This has NOTHING TO DO WITH ONLINE STATUS.

              Most people put in their receipt no from the NOA they received when applying for N-400. Most people will see the status of their impending N-400. In rare circumstances (like mine and the OP), the online status does not show up.

              I have no idea what you are talking about. Obviously, you are confused.


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                You do not need to need to be rude. Good luck with your application.


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                  It sounds to me like you are confusing the I-751 database with the N-400 database. I-751s are entered in the old MAFIS system so online status is not possible. N-400 (like most other applications) is entered in the TIERS database so online status checks are possible.

                  I'm sorry you felt my response was rude. I was just trying to understand your confusion.


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                    Hey Furrycheeks.. ouch

                    Bob Singh's "dog" said to tell you hello and to stop in sometime if you are passing by if in neighborhood. He has space in house if you need a room

                    Land of Confusion- Genesis


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                      my N-400 was never in the system! still is not. I am in the 'we'll be in touch' status.
                      N-400 priority day March 1st, 2004
                      Fingerprinting toward the end of April.
                      Had my interview two weeks ago (passed 100%) but did not get an answer or oath date because '...some of the security checks are not back yet...' So I am sitting and waiting...
                      ...Mistake Recognized is half corrected ...


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                        Sphy: "passingby" is giving you correct insider information. Online database updates do not take place once the file is moved to the district. It is not a thing specific to I-7's, but N-400's


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                          Thanks. But, I think the issue is why the case was never entered into the online database to begin with. One would expect it to appear at the creation of the initial I-797 establishing the priority date.



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                            So, whats the deal here? Is it like this: the case is entered into INS tracking system, but never gets updated once it moves to the district office or the case never gets entered into the INS tracking system? Again my situation is I applied in April, got fingerprinted in June however never saw my case into INS tracking system. Should I expect to see it for sometime or not at all?



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                              My online case status finally appeared today (4 months after I submitted my N-400).

                              "Your N400 APPLICATION FOR NATURALIZATION was received on June 30, 2004. We mailed you a receipt with information about processing. It is taking between 30 and 60 days for us to process this kind of case. We will mail you a decision as soon as processing is complete."

                              6/23/04 Sent in N-400 to apply for USC status

                              7/6/04 N-400 Check cashed

                              7/10/04 Received NOA dated 6/26/04 from VSC acknowledging receipt of N-400 application

                              7/19/04 Fingerprint check cashed

                              8/5/04 Rec'd NOA (dated 8/2/04) for fingerprint appt (on 8/16/04)

                              11/1/04 Finally appears on online status


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