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    I hardly know where to begin. Michael Moore is a disgrace to America. I think it frightening that anyone could take Michael Moore seriously, as he is nothing but a loud-mouthed rabble rouser. The threats of attack to America are very real, and I am proud of our military and law enforcement for trying their best to protect us. America's anger was rightly awakened by the atrocities of September 11, and I support our President as he fights the war on terror. In fact, both of my country of birth and my adopted country...are fighting the war on terror shoulder-to-shoulder in both Afghanistan and Iraq, alongside other allied countries. If President Clinton had confronted the many terror attacks of the 1990s with miltary force, then maybe...well, who knows? One thing is for sure, nobody wants America to be at war, but the fight was brought to our shores, and we must now win that fight.


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      Do you check under your bed in case Osama lurks there, before you fall asleep? ) 'Cause you sound like someone who might actually do that... Just in case...)) I mean, 'cause the terrosists are everywhere, and what not...)))

      Follow the dollar sign - it will lead you straight to the answer to the question of why all wars are waged. Scared, obedient population is just a prerequisite for the tacit approval of government's actions needed to bomb the **** out of small, defenseless nations.

      ...while somebody somewhere in those corporate highrises is getting richer and richer, laughing at gullible folks like you.


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        The govt is in no win situation. Enforce strict law and regulations to prevent 9/11 from happening again, and people will whine and grumbles about the long line in airport, the lack of freedom to do this and that,etc.
        But if the law is eased to accomodate them and 9/11 happens again, the first thing they would do is blame the govt for lacking in security and protection, for fallen asleep, for having too many loopholes,etc ....


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          With all due respect, Greg, you are part of the problem rather than part of the solution. Your opinions are of no consequence to me, as I have already made the decision that you're not worth my time. When someone is as cynical and unhinged as you are, there is no point in attempting to have a reasonable discussion.


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            No US paper mentioned this event.



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              So what you're calling CNN then?

              Even elementary school student can search the web much better than you. No wonder the company withdraw your work visa Maria, they knew better than letting morons work for them. You're probably unqualified to even do janitorial work with that level of intelligence....(apology beforehand to all janitors for even mentioning them and Maria in the same sentence).


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                I wouldn't be surprised if Greg was actually Maria's brother because they are both f u c k i n g stupid and as we know lacking brain cells and common sense run in the family.


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                  I don't know whether your mama gave birth to you in a prison cell or whether you grew up somewhere on a pig farm, but among us civilized people being rude and insulting to someone who is not even talking to you is not a way to behave. I am sorry if having grown in your native Ireland on potato peels, you suffered from severe mulnourishment that echoes in your adult years (are you an adult?) in clearly pronounced mental retardation and the whole package of other behavioral problems. Please, go read some books about manners, broaden your horizons to the point of becoming able to provide an argument, rather than simply insult your opponent, and then come back to join the conversation.
                  In the meantime, the good rule of thumb for you to follow if you don't want to embarrass yourself any further – if you don't have anything to say, keep your mouth shut. )


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                    "With all due respect, Greg, you are part of the problem rather than part of the solution."

                    That depends on what you mean by "solution", SunDevilUSA! I personally think that it is great that our opinions differ - that means that there is still freedom in this country to differ in your views from the official government propaganda, since you and I can scoop information from different sources without fear of being persecuted for it.


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                      To Greg the ignorant, extremist leftie and Moore fanatic, you shouldn't throw stones in glass houses. First of all, how am I embarassing myself by giving you an insulting rebuttal to your insane ideas. Secondly, I am Irish and proud of it but I actually grew up a brit. Thirdly, it is obvious that you are completely brainwashed by that fat f u c k e r Moore who likes to throw around lies and unsubstantiated accusations about Bush so it is you and Maria who need to shut your pie holes before you embarass yourselves........well Maria has already proven beyond any doubt that she is a retard. Lastly I would like to say that there may have been a possibility that 9/11 could have been avoided had you left wing democrats actually taken the first world trade center bombing seriously back in 1993 when you were in power......but of course we don't hear how "Zipper down Zipper up" Bill slashed intelligence spending and refused to take Bin Ladan from the Sudan when they had the chance back in 1996.


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                        Alright Paddy!
                        Good boy!) You actually did some homework and dug up a few facts to support your position! I rejoice over your progress! I know, it must have come hard to you! ) I am glad to see that my humble words of advice were not in vain! )

                        Now that you have stepped on the righteous path of correction, try to tone down your language a bit and you just might be fine in the long run. You can curse me out all you want, but please, stop insulting poor Maria. As a brit, aren't you supposed to be a gentleman? Now, Paddy, is this the way to speak to a lady? Something tells me you were never much of a success with the ladies, a "smooth talker" that you are! ) Work on that, man! Your progress is encouraging but you still have a long way to go!


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                          well perhaps Greg, you need to do some homework for yourself and read some of Maria's previous posts, then despite being from the opposite side of the political divide, you might agree with my view point that she is a retard and an illegal alien retard at for the way I talk to ladies.....well Maria is the only one who gets my special kind of language because I have never come across a more arrogant, ignorant and clueless woman in my for me, I don't have to justify myself to you greg as I have enough education, common sense and life experience to pick my moments when to use more colorful Greg did you manage to fix the punctures in your rubber dollies?? what were their names again???? Kevin and jimmy


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