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      Interesting article.

      Every Americans that havent made their mind up regarding the immigration issue, should read this article so they can understand what really drive this anti-immigration sentiment.

      I would like to believe that most American arent fooled when those anti-immigrants fanatics says, they just want to protect the border.those are lies to disguise their real sentiment, which is the hatred for human beings that comes from other countries..Hatred for immigrants, and blacks.


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        The reasonable conclusion from the article is that if there were no Dr. Tanton and no FAIR, etc., there would be no opposition to illegal immigration. What a crock!

        If organizations such as FAIR are successful in lobbying it's because they appeal to the many reasons that people have for disliking illegal immigration: the simple fact that it's illegal and we want respect for our laws and ourselves; economic concerns about job loss and importing poverty; and yes, racism on the part of some. Actually, these are almost a mirror image of the reasons the Open Borders crowd gives for SUPPORTING illegal immigration: that laws don't matter and people do; that Americans have so much so can afford to be charitable, and that businesses need low wage workers to survive; that Third Worlders deserve preferences, regardless of skills or education, simply because they often are "people of color".


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          The article reads much better than your post, Albatross

          BTW, I personally beleive that US borders MUST be protected from uncontrolled intrusion.

          [quote, from the same article]
          "The danger is not that immigration levels are debated by Americans, but that the debate is controlled by bigots and extremists whose views are anathema to the ideals on which this country was founded".


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            Memo to FAIR from John Tanton

            Since launching FAIR [Federation for American Immigration Reform] in January of 1979, the board has adhered steadfastly to one of the possible models for changing U.S. immigration law and practice. Our plan emphasized the national (rather than the state and local) nature of the immigration question, and, therefore, concentrated on building a national office and staff rather than working at the grassroots.
            It emphasized the need for changes in immigration law rather than using and defending existing statutes and regulations. Hence, we concentrated on legislative lobbying, rather than administrative lobbying of the executive branch of government, or use of the courts. We recognized the need to overcome the taboo that in 1979 proscribed discussion of the immigration issue, so we hired a writer as one of our initial staff persons to produce pamphlets, speeches, op-ed pieces, etc.
            FULL TEXT:


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              Here's another interesting report on FAIR:



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                That's right, we dont want illegal immigrants in our country. Go home, go back to where you came from and make your country worth living in. We don't want you or your children


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                  If you read this article closely, you'll notice that FAIR is not , just only against illegal immigration, but they are against all type of immigration toward the U.S, legal or not.
                  The articles says that they are for population-controll, which is, making sure the majority of the U.S population stays white..Another word, they are against anything that is not white
                  migrating inside the country.

                  FAIR is also against interracial relationships and consider babies of white & black/latino parents, as failed babies..They do not consider those babies as white.This is the same ideologies pushed by the KKK, back in the days of slavery.

                  FAIR beleive that most immigrant(legal or not) are dirty poor, uneducated human beings that come here to spread their disease inside the U.S..This is why they explains that those immigrants are dirty scums bags..Very racist views...FAIR wants to tie terrorism to immigration so that they could push heir agenda on the fair-minded american citizens.

                  Also, FAIR does not disapprove of irish illegal immigrants, which is ridiculous since they are in the same boat with mexicans and others, but because the irish immigrants arent as large as the mexican immigrant and they are also white, FAIR says it is okay for them to stay.

                  People need to understand who those people are, those people are the same kind of people that were against blacks being treated like human beings and believed they were all dogs and dirty scums baggs that should stay in slavery.

                  I talk to a lot of people in my community and i try to explain to them that it doesnt matter whether you are a green card holder or a US citizens, to participate in this fight against FAIR and the anti-immigration groups..If you allow this hate-group to win the fight against hard working undocumented workers, then, they will come after you and your green card next..Their goal is to stop immigration dead on its track.


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                    They will face consequences. Mark my words, alba.
                    They will suceed now, but in the long haul it will be moral disaster for those who supported them.

                    But ONE THING is for sure: since FAIR is so sick about rise of population, one of the MAIN strategies should be to accelerate even more the pace of births among those whom they dislike most of all.

                    This way FAIR will suffocate without ability to do anything about it at all.


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