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What else to bring to the interview??

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  • What else to bring to the interview??

    Hello all.

    As far as my husband goes does he need to bring anything else besides his I-94 and passport to the interview? Thanks for your help!

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    Hello all.

    As far as my husband goes does he need to bring anything else besides his I-94 and passport to the interview? Thanks for your help!


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      u got a list of what to take with u when u got the letter for initial interview. He needs to take a **** sight more than just his passport.

      is it based on marriage?


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        what does **** sight mean?

        anyways yes i know it said it on the letter but i dont know if you read the topic i posted he had washed it by accident so it is not easy to read it! =P

        yes it is based on marriage, i know we need to bring alot of documents shared accounts, insurances, photos etc.

        But I mean as far as his documents, the paper says bring the passport, I-94, birth certificate, EAD, and photo ID, from what I can read. But is there anything additional?


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          Inppropriate words are replaced with ****'s by the system.. my guess would be f/u/c/k...

          As for what to take, my letter said...
          1, The original interview notice ( the one you washed)
          2, Medical exam ( unless already submitted)
          3, Affidavit of support ( unless already submitted) inc the following...
          Federal Income Tax returns and W-2's for the past 3 years.
          Letters from each current employer, verifying current rate of pay and average weekly hours and pay stubs for the past 2 months.
          Evidence of sponsors US Citizenship.
          4, All documentation establishing your eligibility for Legal Permanent Residence
          5, Any Immigration related ducumentation ever issued to you, inc EAD and any Authorization for Advanced Parole.
          6, Birth Certificate.
          7, Your petitioners Birth Certificate and evidence of US Citizenship.
          8, If eligibility based on marriage, bring...
          A certified copy of your marriage document
          Your spouses Birth Certificate and evidence of US Citizenship.
          Divorce decrees and Death certificates for each previous marriage.
          9, Supporting evidence of your relattionship, such as copies of any documentation regarding joint assets or liabilities you and your spouse may have together, such as...
          Tax returns,
          Bank statements,
          Insurance documents (car, life, health...)
          Property documents (car, house etc...)
          Rental aggreements
          Utility bills,
          Credit card statements,
          Correspondence and any other document you feel may help substantiate your relationship.
          10, Original AND copies of each supporting document you submitted with your application.

          Hope this helps.


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            thank you! this does help tremendously...

            im also a little nervous because of the fact the interview notice isn't completely legible...
            you can see the emblem in the back of the paper, our names, the date of the interview, and most of the things with effort are legible.

            i had made a request for it to be resent, it hasn't yet so we'll see, hopefully it wont be a problem!

            thank you for your help


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              anyones opinion???
              do you think they will accept the interview notice like that? our names are barely legible!

              does anyone know what they use the paper for anyways? is it an important component?


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                the **** was D A M N

                You need the interview letter to get into the building.

                The interviewing officer will have a copy of the letter too - but u need to take it because that is what they go off when calling out ur name to go into the interviewing officers booth.

                Make sure u are well organised with ur paperwork, utility bills, envelopes with both ur names on and all the post that u have up to now received from USCIS. It can happen that u wash such an important document but really shouldnt.

                Dont go into panic...


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                  Sodium Hypochlorite


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