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Getting divorce during I-751 process

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  • Getting divorce during I-751 process

    I am about to give up with my marriage, it break my heart but i have to face it.
    I am so concern about my legal situatioin, i am in the process of I-751, filed 06 months ago at texas center, i know for a fact that my husband would not help me to finish this process, he says that he will "give a ride" to the aeroport to go back to my country.
    He will withdraw the application and will make my life miserable.... i dont know what to do!!!
    There is no violence in my mariage, he is not abusive or violente, but our personalities and goals in life are way too different.
    Somebody who had had this experience could you please tell me about it?.....
    I need help!..
    Thanks a lot

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    You have 2 choices, and YOU must decide which to take; I filed my I-751 in TSC in October last year and am still waiting, so please know that the decision will take few more months; plan about 12-16 months, to be on the safe side. I was having problems with my wife, so I left and am hoping I will be approved without interview.

    Your choices are:

    1.Leave and hope you are not called for interview;

    2.Hang in there and be stressed until you get conditions removed.

    This is a decision you MUST make.


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      It's a freaking epedemic I tell you !!!


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        I'm sorry to hear that.
        A lot of people went through the same situation and I was one of them, if you feel that your marriage is falling apart and it's not just a fight, manage to get separated, it is better for your relationship with your husband, staying in the same place together will make the situation worse!

        Even if your husband withdraw the petition, that is not the end of the world, you still can petition yourself by resubmitting the I-751 with a good faith waiver after your divorce is final. "if your marriage was real and you have enough evidence to prove it"

        If your husband is threatening you with the deportation, that is 100% verbal abuse, remeber that only depressed and frustrated people think of revenge, and they always lose, see Michael for example!

        Good luck


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          WRONGO; The TRUTH ALWAYS WINS ! They denied her I-751 waiver; I won the divorce, the lawsuit and she lost her green card


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            michael, after doing all that what if the Russians pay you a visit at:

            beware, they like to "unplug" toe nails!


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