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Does anyone have stats on K1 marriages?

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  • Does anyone have stats on K1 marriages?

    Does anyone have any statistics on the number of K1 marriages that survive or end in divorce? Is there any websites, or any links that you might have that could provide insight in to this? Articles welcomed too...


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    Does anyone have any statistics on the number of K1 marriages that survive or end in divorce? Is there any websites, or any links that you might have that could provide insight in to this? Articles welcomed too...



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      one more thing... looking for info on woman from Russia who come to America..



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        Google is your friend. Have you tried searching for this information before you posted here?


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          Not un-common


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            Mail order (All of which are K-1 visa) marriages are twice as successful as regular marriages according to immigration:

            "marriages arranged through these services would appear to have a lower divorce rate than the nation as a whole, fully 80 percent of these marriages having lasted over the years for which reports are available"*

            I would assume non mail order brides would have an even higher rate of success.



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              SonofMichael, never, never trust USCIS!

              About half of all mail ordered brides end up with domestic violence self-petitions.

              Violence Against Women Act of 1999, Stalking Prevention and Victim Protection Act of 1999 : hearing before the Subcommittee on Crime of the Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives, One Hundred Sixth Congress, first session, on H.R. 1248 and H.R. 1869, September 29, 1999.


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                Nice Omo but your quote says nothing about mail order brides or anything else. I will warn anyone about foreign brides; be careful and watch you wallet and back. WHile they are better than ANY American woman, you must be careful anyway. ALWAYS get a prenup and never tolerate any lies or BS.


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                  Why, SonofMichael, are foreign brides better than any American woman? OMG, we truly have many different sides coming to this forum. Interesting - but I've gotten to the point where I don't believe half of what's said here?


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                    It's a well known fact that foreign women are younger, more attractive and intelligent than American women. Unfortunately in 5 years they adapt to American lifestyles and gain 25-50 pounds and become naggy stupid and lazy and become truly Americanized. Then its back to Europe to find another young, intelligent and beautiful wife.


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                      hahhaaha i love it. so i got five years to stuff my face and become a nagging *****... darn it. I thought i had a couple more years than that.
                      how can we be younger? u talking younger looking ???? lol


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                        Well, SonofMichael, I respect your opinon; however, there are plenty of younger, attractive and intelligent American women around. Without the language barrier to boot. I actually feel sorry for the mail-order brides because they are so desperate to come here, they forge unions with pathetic losers who were so socially innept, they couldn't find a partner within their own country!


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                          Proud, I think their views on the western world is more attractive than the one they are in for starters. Secondly They believe all this **** on the tv in the soaps. Its definately not like that!!!! I have heard of some that have a match made in heaven. You have to give them some admiration - the courage it takes to leave everything behind and come and stay with some guy they never knew because they have hope for a better life.

                          I have never heard of male order grooms is there such thing?


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                            Name one good looking American woman over 30 ! I have been on two MOB tours and I was very impressed by the caliber of the men that go on them. Everyone was successful in his field of endeavor. The difference between them and most American guys is that they are genuinely nice which American women do not appreciate.


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                              ntfd3 - I can't possibly understand what it takes to leave everything behind, never having been in that situation. I know many of the men looking for mail-order brides are looking for 'submissive' women, ones who will jump at their every beck and call. I truly feel sorry for any woman who gets caught in that situation. And, no, haven't heard of mail-order grooms (but sure there are some out there). Maybe American (or 'americanized' - if that's a word) women are too feisty for some men. I don't know. Just seems there should be plenty of available, beautiful, smart, hardworking women right here in this country.

                              SonofSammy - sorry, do not know what a MOB tour is and don't really understand your post.


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