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    Dear Boritos,
    I do realize that Africans are very diffrent(in a good way) from black Americans. I do admit I am racist, but it has not prevented me from establishing friendships with black people. In fact those of them who know me think I am a cool white guy. I know I have offended you and many others, but at times I do feel angry about things I see.
    I don't expect you to accept my apology since damage has been done, but I still woldD like to apologize to you for making those comments.
    I guess it was a lesson to be learned and eventually the weight and seriousness of my words did hit me.
    Again, please do accept my apology and wish you the best.
    God bless you.


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      I'm sorry I hate people too, but I just can't help it!
      Sweet Madame Belu


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        I hope just as many people see this last very, very positive post of yours that saw the negative one.

        The first step to recovery is admittance. and you have done that. hence your first step to rehabiliation. Understand that you are angry about things you see, but you cannot just generalize & stereotype like that about cultures. Those black friends that think you are "pretty fly 4 a white guy"... I am sure you did not let them know ur true feelings. Takes a big person to look at themselves and offer apology. U look very tall to me right now,. Get ready for a great journey now that you are open to "growing". It may help you to attend cultural festivals that your city may offer. I hope in time you will wear those sunglasses that reveal that there are no races/colors. just humans


        If you dont find a cure u r gonna have to get the Stepford treatment to correct.


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          Dear Angelo,

          Wow, reading your last post was very good.
          I am glad you've decided to give me and others the chance to show that not because a fruit was bad it makes the whole tree bad.

          Just like what 4now said, it takes a man to recognize what it is that they are either saying or doing and that's affecting others. And I sincerely applaud you for that.
          You are really looking tall to me right now as well.
          Keep growing tall. I like it.

          As for the apology, my dear friend it is accepted without hesitation.
          Please understand me that I was never mad at you but instead I felt hurt that you've judged me because I do belong to a certain race with whom you've had bad experiences and not because I personnaly did something bad to ya. If you see what I am saying.

          God bless you too Angelo and let's put this whole thing behind us and let's enjoy the little bit of time we all have to spend here on earth.
          Life is just too short to waist time and energy on hating others.

          I and everybody else black or not appreciate your honest words and again, it's all good.

          None taken bro.

          Take Care,


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            I can't wait to see that movie. Never saw the original. And Nichole Kidman is HOT with those big hairs.

            I'd love to get all dolled up like that.
            Sweet Madame Belu


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              Dear Angelo,

              That was a very good move from your side. It takes lot of guts to admit own mistakes. I know one day those difference and bitterness will go away... God bless you. Pasha


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