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quickest green card i ever heard of!

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    I wouldn't be surprised if Angelo got bot his Master's degree at Hofstra University....


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      Hello Everyone,

      For someone that's got 2 masters degree which I believe are:
      1 for pure ignorance and the other for pure and flat out stupidity.

      What a shame! We are in 2004 and there are people out there that are still racist. Wow!!

      This might be something and I am sure or probably his folks probably thought him. But the sad part is that he will probably teach hate to his kids as well someday.

      What a wait of energy and time.

      Let me tell you all this which I am sure 100% of you will agree although you DO NOT know me in person.
      I am a very great person, with a sweet and wonderfull heart. I see past color and race and I am sure if Angelo was to get to know me or people like me, he will change his mind and heart in a heart bit.

      But for the record Angelo, African Americans and Africans from Africa are different culture wise and actions wise and if you were as educated as you claim to be you would have known that fool or should I say homeboy!

      Get to know me and you'll never let go. I always leave a mark on whoever I become friends with and all the other races I met all throughout my lifetime (27 years old) can testify to this.

      4 Now and Kalla, Josephine and for the rest of you, thanks for all your kind words and support.
      You all have sort of known my personality through my postings here at ILW.
      I am far from being an evil creature and racist and thieve etc.. as claim Angelo.

      I love you all and God bless.



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        YW. I really love your name.


        You really don't like, Hofstra, do you?
        Sweet Madame Belu


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          I really do not have anything against Hofstra I actually played against them for the NCAA soccer championship while in college in 96 or 97. But the fact that Michael was accepted there combined to him trying to portray the school as a top one ( far from reality) made me set the record straight every time I could get the opportunity.


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            First Angelo you Should know that Blacks from Africa are different from African-American.
            Their culture,value and belief,education and even experience are not similar.If you go out there and meet and maybe talk with some africans,you'd know that this guys work long hours everyday and sometime 2 jobs to support themselves here and provide for their families back in Africa.
            And if you really want to know,a lot of African-Americans males do not like Africans at all.You know why?they said africans come here to take their jobs and women.I have witnessed this black guy call an african guy the N****word.
            Now you might be fedup with some blacks guys doing wrong but you shouldn't hate all blacks because you really don't know much about them.

            And Boritos from Ivory-Coast there is a lot of racism going on in Ivory-Coast.The prime example of that is the civil war last here in your country.It all come from who is Ivoirian and who is not right?I have seen peoples from Mauritania,Mali and Burkina-Faso and some time from Guinea being treated with hate in buses and school and in everyday life.
            For your information Boritos,I'm from Guinea(Conakry).I lived in Abidjan for 10 years.I left my country for the same stupid reasons(racism).Racism at a murder scale this time.
            -Toutes mes felicitations pour ta green card et surtout bonne chance dans ta vie et dans ton menage-

            So everybody lets just get together and enjoy this brief time we are going to spend on this planet.



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              Racism is every where and happens to everyone, it does not matter what color you are. You could be clear with no color and someone would still have a problem with you. People like Angelo make things worse, not better.


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                Hofstra is top of the line to Michael. It's the only school that will accept that clown. Look at his posts, he's obviously not the brightest.
                Sweet Madame Belu


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                  You've said it all! I am from Gabon, and many West Africans live there. Africans are known for being peacefuland very harworking. Angelo is just nourishing his ignorance with I suspect a little complex of inferiority in front of the Black race, he is expressing his low state by vomiting his guts on the board.

                  I live in NYC and my best friends are Caucasians (mainly from Europe, as they happend to be more open minded overseas).

                  The good thing is that People like Angelo and Michael will always be in the minority bracket.


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                    Can't wait for the day we have a Black Woman as President!
                    Sweet Madame Belu


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                      Oprah Winfrey will make a fine president.
                      As long as she can get tax lowered as well as interest rates.

                      Just being silly.!!



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                        Queen Latifa! She is so HOT!
                        Sweet Madame Belu


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                          These racist people just show the ignorance of a few.


                          • #58
                            Hello Folks,

                            I guess Angelo has realized that he wouldn't find anybody here to back his insane believes and practices.
                            People in this forum are from all over the planet with the same and common topic being discuss here.
                            Therefore as 4Now said, he (Angelo) better be quiet and remain the dead and silent member that he has always been.



                            • #59

                              I heard he was busy working on his 3rd Massa Degree.. oops I mean Masters degree

                              Take care man.. Lets let this thread become the same.. dead and silent til the next episode


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                                Boritos and my fellow black Americans and non-Americans; let me appologize for the incredible stupidy of people a la Angelo. Unfortunatly, there are always a few like them. Instead of getting angry with them, understand that they're hurting badly and their pathetic attemps to hurt others is their only way at finding a relief to their pains. These people are very poor conflict solvers and solutionists, all they have learned in life is to pick someone else who may be vulnerable so they can forget about the real big log on their heads.

                                So, just understand where these poor souls are coming from and try not to become like them in generalizing other peoples and races!


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