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quickest green card i ever heard of!

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    sorry JO ...

    I didnt mean in that way ... but when Michael says something ...that is understood ....coz we don't expect any better answer from him anyway ... but when someone else says stupid thing like this about racism ... that's the problem ... do u get me ????

    How come someone has a right to put another race down ? I just don't get it...anyway I wont be a regular guest like before on this board in near future ... but when I read something wrong ... I cant ignore it ... no matter what .... even if I dont belong to that race

    Sorry once again .... Give my regards to mian ...


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      They gave out promotions last week at work, Mian got promoted and I didn't. ( I don't work enough hours to advance )

      He steals my job, marries me, then becomes boss over me? What kind of h e l l I'm in?
      Sweet Madame Belu


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        congrats to you guys ... u guys r together anyways


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          I'd rather be alone!
          Sweet Madame Belu


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            Let me say something.
            I live near an Indian deli and a Chinese restaurant. These places get held up and robbed by blacks day after day. One day I kicked a black fellow out of the Indian guy's store and the poor Indian owner quoted my name; we get on really well. Actually, Asians use N***** more than whites. Why? because blacks are f***** monsters. Blacks hate whites. Why? Because blacks think they have the right to be racist, and whites don't. They can preach about whites so I preach about blacks and I don't give a ****.
            Well, they should be happy where they are now and keep quiet before we castrate them, pull their skin off, send them back to the plantation or colonies.
            So if they don't stop robbing innocent Indian and Chinese stores they are ******s to me.


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              Oh Brother.. another one

              Michael = Angelo = Michaelangelo= same person

              Angelo is not much different than Michael. All racists are the same. Michael does not use etnic slur language, but what comes out of his heart and mouth is worse and same as Angelo. Angelo just appears to hate American Blacks. He is selective racist..ignorant but selective. Michael hates all non caucasoid people. Both are sick in their own way. Michael demeaned the blacks in the Aguilla thread in same way. He just did not use the 'N" word.

              This board has no place for members like this How will everybody live together as long as these ignorant and anti cultural attitudes exist????

              Now I am sure those people who robbed the stores were acting in a Niggardly way... as the meaning is low and stealthy person. Niggard does not denote color or race. If they were white, asian, Indian , black , russian, arab or black.... it would all be Niggardly behavior, Essentially they are in every race, inheritly.

              Angelo I have not seen any contributions to the board by you.. Please remain the silent member that you have been and not let us know that you are in fact EWI. (evil with ignorance)


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                Hello everyone,

                As you have all noticed, this thread has gone from people telling their experiences about their green cards and how fast they received it to racism all because I am black and Angelo apparently hates blacks.

                See Angelo, my wife is caucasian and I love her with all my heart. This morning I let her read the comments you've posted about me and she told me that by reading them , you seem to be someone who just isn't EDUCATED.
                And I agree.

                I really DO NOT want to get into any more of this with you not because I am scared of you but just because my parents thought me better than this.

                See the world is what it is because of A-S-S-H-O-L-E-S like you " oops excuse my french folks.

                I may be black and whatever you want to call me but you can never be like me. EVER.
                I am way too educated for this ****.

                I would like to know, is this forum monitored by anyone? What do they do about these kinds of things?

                I have never seen this guy post anything to help anyone but instead he seem to have come here to hate people.

                Dude you have chosen the wrong person the mess with sorry because the S-H-I-T you're saying will never EVER bother me.

                You are just ignorant that is all there is to it.



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                  I still can't believe Angelo said that chit.
                  Sweet Madame Belu


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                    Well, I must say that my case has nothing to do with my education. I have got two Masters degrees and my believes have nothing to do with that. However, I must admit my blood boils over when I see that peaceful neighborhoods get messed up and you can't walk home at night without fear anymore. Some of you guys hate me because I have the nerve to say what most don't. Instead of hating me, people like Boritos should feel ashamed of his on people. Before you criticize me you should talk to your black brothers and tell them to live like civilized people. Well, i can tell that most non-black people smile in your face and never use the N word, but belive me that not saying it out loud they still think it...

                    Josephine, you say your ex-husband and son are blacks. I don't have to call them the N word, but make sure your son won't sell drugs and hold up stores and innocent people. Make sure you keep him out of troble before the cops shoot him. You should love your son, but also be ashamed of his kind and those who cause black Americans the bad reputation. The problem is not with white people; you have got to realize that. Other ethnic groups hate blacks as well because no one can live with them.


                    • #40
                      My first husband was racist. He called me "cracker" all the time. Called himself the "N" word also. He got THAT right. He kept Georgi Vodka and the prison in business, and now HIS son is in prison. I have no children with him.

                      My son was adopted by white woman, and I don't know where he is. Hope he don't end up messed up, like Mike Tyson.

                      No one can live with Blacks? B.S! No one can live with Mexicans! Their music and drinking 24-7 will drive you insane in 2 seconds.
                      Sweet Madame Belu


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                        Hey Angelo ...

                        Yes there are lot of blacks who rob everyday ... just like other bad people ... be it white, Indian , Chinese or whoever ...

                        So does that mean everyone is same ? just coz I always get bad experience with some white guys ... I would say all whites are like that ... what a stupidity ...!!! Anyway ... I got no time to argue .... I wish u can meet some real nice black people one day and ur bitterness goes away ... Have a good day... Pasha


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                          Reply to original poster ...

                          You already answered to ur own question ... you did mistakes in filling forms that prolongs any possible delay ... lawyers don't do any magic at all in processing time .... Unless there is complicated case and you need advice ...

                          There are lot of factors that play role .... Like complete application, service center, current processing time and little bit of luck ....

                          5 months are nothing ... people have been waiting for more than a year with all ifs and buts ... have patience ... if u got to deal again with I 751 .... U might have to wait forever before u get approved ... wish u all the best....


                          • #43
                            White U.S. rednecks are the stupidest people on the face of this Earth.
                            Sweet Madame Belu


                            • #44
                              Angelo..thanks for clarification. but sorry.. you are still EWI (Educated with Ignorance) However interesting ...with 2 masters you do not know that the proper word to use is "Beliefs" and not believes???? But that doesn't surprise me as you have exhibited such total ignorance here. Such as sterotyping and lumping all Blacks together. What would Boritos relation have to do with American born Blacks??? Should we add "Idiot" to your list of credentials too? Two different cultures!

                              Yes many asians such as Koreans & Japanese have strong dislikes of these people thanks to U.S. government during the war years. U.S. had disdain for these people themselves, unwarranted of course. The korean & Japan women were told not to have *** with the blacks b/c they were monkeys and had hidden long tail.
                              I guess they found the hidden tail b/c the babies produced were isolated and remained unadopted. So sad. US progaganda does this. Whoever they decide to discredit.. thats what they do, like they did to Iran some years back, and like the Arabs after 911.The Irish, and the Italians had same status as blacks.. did you forget "Angelo" Wake up. People are human beings, judge them on their merit not color or what some government has told you accept or not to accept. Forget your education, b/c it did not do you any good. Listen to your innerself and what God gave you and you will lose your prejudices. Now lets see some productive comments from you on this forum, and if not.. then please remain the silent member that you have been.


                              Hope your son is ok and was raised well and taught to protect the goodness within. He will not turn out like Mike Tyson (b/c of being raised by white people) Mike Tyson was not raised by white people as press reported. He was already a 16 yr old Thug when he was taken in by them, and that was a duel intent.(boxing contract) It was too late to change his values and in fact it was not even adressed.. only the money issue where he did not have to rob or steal anymore. He felt no loyalty/gratitude to them and left them at first opportunity to Don King camp. He simply lived in a better house and environment, but he WAS and still IS probably what he will always be... A THUG.


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                                TY, 4wow!
                                Sweet Madame Belu


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