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To Bronze Lady: I-751 Waiver Petitions Approval Rates

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  • To Bronze Lady: I-751 Waiver Petitions Approval Rates

    Bronze Lady:

    I have been reading your posts for quite a while now and I wanted to thank you for coming to this board to help others with your very informative posts.

    I wonder if you have any ideas as to what the approval rates are for I-751's based on waiver grounds, particularly in 'marriage entered in good faith but ended by divorce/annulment'

    Thanks in advance for any response,


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      You are governed by the TSC (Texas Service Center) and they are notoriously slow in everything. Sorry.


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        BronzeLady, I think he's more interested in how many are approved or denied on a regular basis. That would be interesting to know. I was just thinking of posting something about your posts on the board and saw this one. I'm glad that you take the time to read and post replies as you usually sound like you know what you're talking about (and have practical experience) and you give helpful, concise answers. Thanks for your time!


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          My understanding is that most I-751's that are kept in the service center are approved...the key there is kept in the Service Center. Anything that even remotely could be a problem is forwarded to the District Office for a closer look. "Problem" in service center language could be the applicant had a prior arrest and they already have the disposition showing it was dismissed. This kind of case will get sent to the District office. Since they only keep the squeaky clean ones or the ones in which they absolutely have to be denied you can see that the approval rate is going to be artificially high.


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            Thanks for taking the time here on the board . You are a valued asset here

            Most 751 waivers go to the local district office for interview anyway. Isnt that correct?

            The discussion was the percentage of 751 bona fide marriage waivers that get denied. The opinions have differed here for months.

            In Your opinion/experience .. would you say the percent was less than 50% or more than 50% get approved?


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              With the waivers I'd say it's probably 65% - 75% denied.


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                Thanks so much for your input BL



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                  Bronze Lady:

                  Thank you very much for your responses. I am governed by VSC and Newark District Office, I had a pending Jointly Filed I-751 with VSC for almost 14 months that will be withdrawn by a subsequent filing of a waiver-based I-751 that I will mail out by the end of this week.

                  Newark seems to be an office where immigration officers are nice and are always looking to approve petitions...from those 65-75% petitions that are denied, I assume that the majority of them get approved later on by IJ, BIA or Circuit Courts, unless the alien knows that commited fraud and does not pursue appeals... are my perceptions right?


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                    I don't think there are statistics on how many of those go on in the process so I really couldn't tell you. Also, 65 - 75 is my educated guess because local offices don't really keep track of how many they approve or deny. I will say that a lot of waivers tend to be bogus. Many people leave LITERALLY as soon as the leave the interview and get the conditional stamp in their passport........not a brilliant move.


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                      Once again thank you very much for your kind response. I guess I then do not have overworry aobut my petition because we got separated 1 year and 9 months after being granted cpr and got divorced 18 months after that separation based on no-fault grounds.


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                        Don't worry about things you can't control....if the marriage was bonafide it will come out.


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