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    I have been dating an american citizen for almost 2 years now. During that time I have visited the US over 10 times under the visa waiver program. I have never over stayed the 3 month period or engaged in any kind of work, therefore I have never had any problems with Immigration. We are very happy and I would like to build a life together him but neither one of us wishes to marry. We've both been down that road before and feel we do not need a paper to feel comitted to each other as we are right now. I hold a degree in Business and finding a job would not be a problem. The BIG problem is how do I get permission to work and live in the US under my circumstances? We have consulted a lawyer (free phone consultation) and he said the only alternative would be to get married. As anybody had any kind of experience with a similar case? I would like to able to build a life for myself and my boyfriend here. I feel I could positively contribute to this country. Do I have to get married to do that? The reason he won't relocate to my country is because he owns his own very sucessful company. The lawyer also told us that the chances of getting a work visa sponsored by his company were very slim because it's a small business. He would have to prove that he couldn't find an american worker to do that job. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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    You said you could easily get a job here, so
    why aren't you pursuing that route? Get an
    employer to sponsor you, and it doesn't matter
    if you marry or not.


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      I have a girlfriend in similar situation.
      She used to come here from Iceland on WVP and was dating one friend of mine for 4 years.
      Finally she married him, got a GC and after 6 months she left him for me (actuallty she was secretly dating me while she was openly dating my friend) and now we live together.

      We don't want to marry because I am married myself (my wife also lives with us and we have wonderful threesomes) and we contemplate what will happen when she files I-751 to remove conditions of her GC?

      I am not in friendly terms with her now almost former husband (they are divorcing) - he calls me the biggest *** he's ever known and swears to do his best to have her deported.

      Now, what options do we have other than marrying?
      Can she file as a battered spouse under WAVA?
      Is it possible to get her sponsored as skilled worker if her I-751 denied (she has degree of Veterinarian and has 6 years experience curing animals)?
      What can we do?

      Please share your opinion!

      Your input is greatly appreciated !




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