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    If an employer finds out that some employees have false documentation and are truly illegal, but they are valuable workers (employer can't find the same workmanship in other applicants), what can the employer do to legalize the employees and keep them on payroll? What is the estimate expense, timeframe, process and probability of it working?

    Any insight would be GREATLY appreciated!

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    If an employer finds out that some employees have false documentation and are truly illegal, but they are valuable workers (employer can't find the same workmanship in other applicants), what can the employer do to legalize the employees and keep them on payroll? What is the estimate expense, timeframe, process and probability of it working?

    Any insight would be GREATLY appreciated!


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      great,,,,another unpatriotic jagoff that would rather screw Americans out of a job....what this clown really means is he can't find Americans willing to work for peanuts so this slob can enrich himself.....HIRE AMERICANS, this is AMERICA.


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        I am referring to skilled trade laborers. We've tried to find Americans, but nobody wants the job and the ones that do can't do it. It's not being unpatriotic at all. If that's why you are on this board, get a life. People here really need answers to questions, like me.

        Anyone else with some intelligent answers?


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          nobody wants the job because you are offering slave wages....if you offered the true market value, you would have American workers....hire Americans, if you are patriotic.


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            EmployerHelp: You missed off the most important part of your statement - you can't find the same skills in American workers...for the money that you're willing to pay!!!

            When people say dumb things like, "work that Americans won't do," they always leave out the part about the $5.15/hour pay on offer.

            If Americans are apparently so lacking in skills, then why is this the best country in the world? I guess that we should be grateful that Mexico is such a third-world catastrophe that their people, after screwing up their own country, can come to America to save us.

            I agree with SomeOne12's sentiments on this issue.


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              No, we consider this group to be just like any other employee on our payroll. They are paid the same wages, if not higher. We don't treat them any differently. I'm just looking for help in legalizing them if it does come up that they aren't legal.

              You two need to get a life!


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                What people often ignore is that some employers invest a lot in training and education turning the employee into an actual asset to the company. Employers will hire whoever they want, and they'll pay as much as they want, not a single penny more. They hire and do business not as some form of community service but to MAKE A BUCK, that's the hard truth behind the business world. Nobody's going into business to reduce unemployment, they go in to make money, as much money as possible. If the market is not favorable to the employers and the labor is too costly they'll simply relocate the jobs overseas, and that is damaging to the economy, way worse than hiring an illegal alien.

                What's needed is a system that works with the employers in a REALISTIC way, a system that considers REAL factors, HUMAN reality and LISTENS to the needs of employers, not a system that hinders their activity with obsolete regulations and unrealistic approaches.


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                  Houston: With all due respect, but businesses are NOT free to hire "whoever" they want to. I realize that you only have a fleeting acquantance with the rule-of-law, but employers are obligated to only hire those who are legally authorized to work in America. Illegal aliens, by definition, are NOT allowed to be employed in this country.

                  While I agree that businesses are created in the expectation of making a profit, they must do so within the limits of the law. When one company flouts the law, they obtain an illegal and unfair advantage over their law-abiding competitors. If you want an example of the chaos that ensues when a country ignores the rule-of-law, one need only look to our southern neighbor...a country in such complete disarray that it must send a million of its poverty-stricken and under-educated to America every single year.

                  Furthermore, contrary to your assertion that we need an immigration system that listens to employers, America needs an immigration system that listens to Americans.


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                    You have said it yourself and I absolutely agree. Business must obey the rule of law, if the rule of law is not advantageous to them and hinders their activity they'll simply relocate to any place that offers such advantages. The bottom line is money, businesses have no problem in moving their activities even overseas.

                    Companies relocate to different states all the time, some states promote beneficial tax cuts for businesses hoping to attract new activity from other states. In recent years the "new approach" is to simply move production overseas.

                    So, instead of having a workforce made out mostly citizens and some illegals you'll have a workforce made out of 100% aliens in another country, aliens that don't even pay sales tax, aliens that do not contribute in any way shape or form to the U.S. economy.
                    Again, the law MUST promote legal economic activity, constructing artificial obstacles is only encouraging businesses to relocate.

                    I beg to differ, we need an immigration system that WORKS. Sometimes what works is not what you want, but it's what's needed. When you go see a doctor and the doctor recommends surgery, you don't agree to the procedure because you want to, you do it because you HAVE to. The breaking point in immigration law has come and gone, the system MUST be re-structured in order to halt, or at least reduce the problem and bring it to a manageable level.


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                      Houston: If aliens are living and working in a foreign country, they're not a social burden on the United States. Illegal aliens, on the other hand, undermine our rule-of-law, engage in identity theft and identity fraud, bankrupt our schools and hospitals, and drive without driver licenses or insurance. What little they pay in sales taxes doesn't even come close to covering the social costs incurred by their being here.

                      Illegal aliens are not so much cheap labor as they are subsidized labor. It is past time to enforce the employer sanctions on those who break the law by employing illegal aliens.


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                        The so called "service" problem is nothing but a myth caused by the lack of an effective billing system. Simply put, nowhere in the law does it say that an illegal alien is entitled to free medical services, on the contrary, they are NOT. Hospitals simply do not bill these people because it's easier for them to go ask to the government for help blaming "immigration authorities" for a problem that's nothing more than an administrative issue. If hospitals and other agencies had a way to take the same approach when it comes to citizens they would take it, in fact, many hospitals include homeless people and other low-income citizens not covered by medicaid in the same pack when they ask the government for assistance.

                        It jobs continue to move overseas, it's true that illegal immigration would be reduced as an aftereffect, but the economy would suffer also creating a dependency link to foreign nations. But aside of all that, is it acceptable to have the services "drained" by citizens collecting welfare and unemployment? I think not, it would be criminal to intentionally induce dependance on public assistance.

                        The businesses will pay as much as they want and that's that. Maybe not here but for sure in some foreign nation. So, given that fact, do you prefer to have these factories with low-wage workers here where they can at the very least benefit the economy indirectly through secondary markets or in a foreign nation, creating a dependency link subject to the will of strange leaders and unstable regimes?

                        The problem here is the "illegal" character of immigrants, and that could be easily solved by a realistic approach to immigration instead of a system that's based on a parallel reality that's inconsistent with true facts and economic ambitions that drive the nation. If immigrants and employers were able to benefit from a realistic, uncomplicated program the levels of illegal immigration would be reduced in double digits, it's obvious that a person who is allowed to obtain a temporary, first-step permit quickly and easily would not risk a desert crossing and potential arrests in order to work in the country.

                        What we have now is the result of a stubborn refusal to accept reality. Statutes are modeled not to conform to reality, to solve the issue at hand, but instead hoping that someday reality decides to conform to the law. That approach is obviously not the answer and the statistics confirm this very point.


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                          we have laws for a reason...(many reasons, actually) and rules governing work visas are in place to protect American workers against employers like the jagoff OP hiring illegals (knowingly, it appears) so he can pay less....this clown has NO respect for the laws of the very country he lives in....I hope immigration officials close his shop down, arrest him and his band of illegal workers....and what is worse, this $hithead thinks his actions are 'OK.' What a dik.


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