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  • Important Notice For Discussion Board

    <UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>You can personalize your posts by adding your own graphics or Avataars. (Free Avatars are available on many websites such as this, this, or these.)
    <LI>You now have richer editing functions using more graemlins, pictures, formatting etc.
    <LI>You can communicate with other members live using private discussions, instant e-mails and live chat.
    <LI>You can receive e-mail digests of discussion board posts if you wish on a daily or weekly basis.
    <LI>We have an active community several thousand strong. You can post your questions/comments and participate in discussions.
    <LI>You can ignore all posts by any disruptive posters by clicking on the their name and adding them to your ignore list.
    <LI>Do you have any questions about how to use any of the discussion board features? Click on the "Tools" tab at the top of this page and select "Help", and a help window will pop-up. Click on topics under the "Eve" and "Forum" headings to find answers to your questions.
    <LI>ILW.COM sets the rules on its property. We want to set up appropriate rules here to encourage the growth of this community.
    <LI>For violations of the board's rules, there will be a warning for one offense, a few days suspension for a repeated offense, and a permanent bar for a third offense. The first and second offenses will be reset at the end of each month; permanent bar will not be reset.
    <LI>The above mentioned penalties will apply to foul language, material (graphic or text) that is obscene, ****ographic or adult in nature, using javascript or active code, making repetitive or disruptive posts, or otherwise taking actions that interfere with site operations, and/or attempting to impersonate staff.
    <LI>Violations can be reported to, but responses will be publicly posted on this board (the name of the complainant will not be posted).
    <LI>Our standard for success or failure is very simple - we want to grow this community and are closely monitoring its traffic.
    <LI>What do member titles mean? Junior Member -- 0-2 posts, Associate Member -- 3-19 posts, Regular Members -- 20-99 posts, Frequent Member -- 100-399 posts, Senior Member -- 400-1199 posts, Power Member -- 1200 posts.
    <LI>Click on the Login/Join link at the top-right corner of this web page to register.
    <LI>In the posts designated as "Immigration Law Question:" replies to the post that are not relevant to answering of the question will be deleted.[/list]

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