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Can conditions be removed if a person is divorced from the USC?

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                    Apart from this thread's demented developements, to answer Com2la's question:
                    it is not possible to remove a condition on a green card once the marriaged based sponsorship is terminated. So as soon as the marriage is dissolved, a condition that was active on the status will eliminate any grounds for that person to remain here legally, unless there are circumstances that strongly suggest that the alien is at no fault and the U.S. citizen is involved in criminal activity.


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                      what? will you please explain it in details? have u heard about waivers? Thank you...Pasha


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                        The condition was put in place in 1989 to stagger marriage fraud. If the green card is based on a marriage to a USC and that marriage don't even last through a matter of few years then what's the basis to remain here if the marriage is dissolved before the condition is removed? And Ins will look closely when a divorce happened in a marriage based green card and later even during the naturalization

                        Michael is wrong about how easy it would be, because it's not and won't. A lot of people are assumed being in a marriage fraud in fact BCIS pressumes ever alien guilty untill proven innocent.

                        If the condition is removed even wrongly so by BCIS while a marriage did not exist anymore BCIS can rightly come back years down the road and claim that a LPR status never existed.. it's happening all the time! There was a thread asking about revoked green cards and citizenships; this is a class case for such an incedent! Unless there are very serious reasons why such a marriage was divorced, there is no way for the alien to remove the condition and adventually adjust by himself.


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                          Got ya now....that would be total fraud if divorce happened and still alien applied for joint I 751 by trick .... but there are several ways to apply legally for removal of condition after divorce ....Waivers....

                          1. marriage entered in good faith - after divorce

                          2- battered spouse waiver - anytime

                          3- hardship waiver - anytime

                          if this is denied .... there are still options BIA / IJ ...

                          Good night...Pasha

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                            Acelaw; I have not seen a single case anywhere on google or ilw where someone has actually been deported for committing a unilateral fraud. As Pasha said, even if the conditions got denied, the fraudster could appeal to an IJ and then to BIA and then even to a Federal Appeals court. In the meantime they can even remarry and do it all over despite the so called permanent bar. There are a million loopholes which should not exist. It seems they came up with a good idea to make sure that people pass a conditional period, but then they passed all these loopholes and allow for an endless appeals process. Let me also add that I am actually a VERY strong supporter of LEGAL immigration. However, being a direct victim of a fraud makes me very cynical towards the entire process. I hope it is as difficult as you say but I have not read of anyone actually facing the consequences of a fraud like this.


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                              Acelaw, thank you for your reply. What I don't get is then why there is a graph on the I-751 where it says that the person can file for a waiver if she/he is already divorced and marriage was in a good faith.

                              Acelaw, thank you also for getting back to the original thread. It was getting tiresome to read a non-related material to this subject.


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