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Can conditions be removed if a person is divorced from the USC?

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  • Can conditions be removed if a person is divorced from the USC?

    I have a friend, who received her conditional status based on a marriage to the USC, but before getting her conditional status removed, she filed for divorce and should be getting it within the next 2 weeks or so.

    She is asking if she files the I751 to have her conditions removed and asks for a waiver to file jointly based on a marriage to a USC in good faith, but the marriage was terminated, what is her chances of getting the conditions removed?

    How do they destinguish between entering into the marriage in good faith or not? Her first interview for a conditional card went without a glitch. Will they be looking into that or other factors too?

    They have no children together.

    Thank you for the response.

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      File I-751 with a divorce waiver; You can go to BCIS and download the I-751 form.

      1. Mortgage and leases
      2. Children
      3. Comingled Assets (Tax Returns, Insurance Forms)
      4. Affidavits of people who know you both
      5. Bribe of $500 always helps too; just put it in an envelope and leave it on the interviewers desk; theylove that

      There seems to be an epedemic of these. I wonder if BCIS is going to do anything about it. How did the word get out about what a joke the conditional green card is and how come no one told USC's about it ?


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        Is she Russian ?


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          Lets be honest here, its not an epidemic, but there're always a lot of people who will do anything to get that green/pink card, including engaging in fraudulent marriage. I'm interested to see a number to be pegged on it, but thats pretty dang near impossible.

          Ignoring his other comment, form I-751 that Michael mentioned is the one that the divorcee needed to remove the conditional green card:


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            Michael, what is the difference what nationality is she? Russians are the one's who are usually trying to save the marriage. I am trying to save mine right now. I even forgave him cheating on me. I have been waiting for removal of my conditions for more than 2 years now since 2001. So, because he made a mistake, I shoud make a bigger one and blow up all the years we spend together, and all the years I have been waiting my unconditional permanent residence? And I did not ran and file for divorce. But I shoud have. Because once you forgave the cheater, the chances he will repeat the same thing are high. So many judgemental people around, look at yourself first.


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              Kookla, privet! Don't pay any attention to Michael. He already made a very smart remark after I told people that my husband got his green card through me, the USC. He said that he will leave me soon. Well, he shut up after I told him that we have a child together.

              Michael is a looser and should not need to reply. Many people here will agree with me.

              Thank you, Marmaduk


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                Koola, you should apply for citizenship when you become eligible.......chances are your citizenship interview would come up before your conditions are removed.


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                  Please don't bad mouth the emperor. He works hard and is presently selecting his harem from the ILW board. He only says it as he sees it. The only reason Kookla is trying to save her marriage is because she wants the green card, not because she loves her husman or is Russian. Your argument supports, rather than refutes, Michael. Oh brother...


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                    You will NOT get your citizenship without getting getting conditions removed first; you MUST get conditions removed. Ignore advice that other people give here. It is generally wrong and confusing.

                    You are correct never ever ever forgive a cheater. I learned that the hard way !

                    Just because you are the cheating victim, I will give you a little tip my little Russian Vixen you; don't bribe the official because youll be arrested.

                    Seriously, instead, try your best to be on good terms with the ex and have him agree to go on the interview with your or have him do an affadavit to confirm that it was a bonafide marriage and that he was at fault. SO there you people, I gave really really good advice are you happy ?????


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                      Honorable Emperor,

                      You're not going soft on us now are you? We uphold you to a very high standard. Please don't cavort with the enemy, especially the ruskis. They are nothing but trouble. And, I bet she does try to bribe the official - they are all the same. Vodka-loving criminals trying to get to the states.


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                        hey Michael, lets face it lost any sense of credibility a long time ago unlike your virginity which is doomed to be forever kept by you unless you decide to **** a sheep which is the only species of animal on this planet that would even consider an immature git like you for a quickie.

                        Another thing, if anyone takes advice from this website seriously then they will be risking their health!!!!!! especially if it comes from you


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                          Privet Vsyem...

                          He slushaite atim durakam.... Ya sochustvuyu vas... Pravda ochin mnogo raz mi razbirali atu temu no ya reccomenduyu vam provesti poisk na atom forume na chyet I 751.... I vi naidyote vsye otveti ... Spetsialno razglinite posti avtorof " AGUILA, SWISSNUT, JOHN DOE"

                          Udachi I vsivo nailuchshevo....Pasha


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                            come on mr pasha.........english please


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                              Paddy my friend.

                              Let me translate for you.

                              "Hey baby, any time you wanna hook up, give me a shout.

                              Your husband is full of shit....You already know that...I would really like to have you come and date me. I will pay you $751 if you want to hook up. I've already been having sex with Aguila, Swissnut, and John Doe and I would be more than willing to add you to our ****.

                              Hurry and get back to me...Pasha"


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