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Do I Need Stamp on passport to travel f I have NOA and expired CPR card?

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  • Do I Need Stamp on passport to travel f I have NOA and expired CPR card?

    I have seen many discussions on this issue, but nothing conclusive.

    Does one really need to have stamp on passport if they have expired green card for the CPR and they have a valid passport and an UNEXPIRED NOA that extends CPR for 12 months?

    If the stamp on the passport is needed:
    1.whats the use of the NOA and
    2.How come they dont tell applicant to get stamp on passport prior to travel, when they send you the NOA-I797.

    Any opinions will be appreciated.

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    Please tell me what an NOA is. My husband and I have been dealing with stamp for all sorts of stuff...he travels outside of the country often.


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      The NOA is the RECEIPT of the filing of the I-751.

      John Doe:

      You do not need a stamp as long as your NOA is current. If you go the local office and would try to get a stamp THEY WOULD NOT GIVE IT TO YOU. I tried to go get a stamp and they told me that as long the NOA is current that is enough to travel and I have read about many people traveling hassle free.


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        When my husband came back from Canada last month, the immigrantion officials at the airport in Edmonton told him that he needed both the stamp and the receipt and that he would not be allowed back in the US if the stamp was not renewed on his passport when the NOA expired.

        His stamp was recently renewed as we waited for our interview, it renewed it for a year, though our interview is tommorrow.


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          Aguila buddy,
          Thanks for the info.

          That has helped me a lot.


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            Just thought I would shed some light on my experiences to see if this helps...

            I have traveled with a valid 1yr extension (NOA) and an expired GC along with a valid Canadian passport with no I-551 stamp inside (as that stamp is in an older passport). This has never caused me any issues at all including flying in to the US from Canada through both Edmonton and Toronto as well as coming in from Japan (Tokyo).

            My NOA then expired in October so I waited a week or so before I went down to my local district office with the now expired NOA, my expired GC, my old passport, and my new passport. I stood in line for a few hours to get a new (1yr) I-551 stamped in my new passport (Canadian). I should point out that I only gave them my NOA and my new passport over the counter while keeping the expired GC in my pocket - I want to hang onto that thing (even though it isn't valid) for a while yet...

            Since that time, I have crossed into the US again from Canada via Edmonton and Montreal and also very recenlty from Belgium using only my new 1yr I-551 stamp in my new Canadian passport. I still carry the expired GC and NOA just in case. I have found that they usher me into the office every time I cross the border now just to verify the stamp is authentic (5 or 10 minutes).

            I am not looking forward to an upcoming trip to Brazil as the border immigration is not so friendly between the US and them...

            Hope that helps...



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