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    I don't think the adjudicator will bother with all the documentation since this is an inteview for a joint I-751 and since your husband will not come with you there is no point whatsoever in going through the documentation. Now, you must have very handy to show, the documentation pertaining to your divorce filing, etc.

    Hopefully you will deal with a nice adjudicator that will grant you another extension. I think now that it would have been a good idea to re-file your I-751 based on other waivers like batery/cruelty or hardship even if you are not eligibile for, but this would have given you more time to get your divorce donde and re-file again, in the extreme case, you might try to use this route.

    I admire you so much, and I wanted to let you know that by reading your posts and by knowing about your situation I have gotten a boost of strenght to deal with my own case.

    I know everything will be allright for you tomorrow. I'll have you in my prayers tonight.

    Good luck.


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      Thanks for your thoughts, prayers and kind words. I have looked high and low for post interview posts but haven't found any, so I'll be sure to keep everything in this foggy brain until I get back.
      You're probably right about all this documentation I'm taking, but I feel it's better not to go empty handed. I've got the shelter letter and it states when we were there and was due to physical, emotional and verbal abuse by the spouse (his name) and that it was for our safety we resided in the (name of shelter).
      I will have both papers from my attorney, one of divorce of bed and board which I've chosen not to file. It shows adultry and proof of it, but I've decided to only file the divorce papers on the 14th. Should I only take copies of these? or originals. If they keep the original on me then I have nothing to file. I think


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        If I were you, I would carry a copy AND original to ALL documents I take there. You never know what the interviewer chooses to keep!


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          Then that is what i'll do!
          Thank you Sir


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