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    Who in their right minds can ever thnk of 'Guest Worker' or any other legalization program/law passing into law?
    Aren't we all tired of these numberless ILLEGALS for stealing jobs that pay $6.00/hour?
    Wouldn't the grass-cutter be paid $20/hour in average if these filthy ILLEGALS didn't fill all those spots?
    And some of them dare to claim they have kids and families and ties here.
    WHO CARES!! I want to shout at them every time, those stupid, clueless basdards!!
    Maria! Get a clue! Wake up!

    It is obvious that people who lack documents/legal status are not Humans in full sense of the word, but rather SUB-humans who dare to imagine that they have limbs and feelings just us the rest of us.
    No, they are NOT HUMANS and therefore NO Human treatment shall be afforded them!
    Regardless of ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!

    What a lunacy!!
    Don't you people read Darwin???
    Don't you grasp the simplest fact that they are those lowest species that MUST BE eliminated from the surface of earth before it is too late, before they all multiply like ****-o-roaches here??
    How can't you get it!!

    And yes, in Criminal or Civil Justice system the Judge must take into account ALL factors, look at TOTALITY of circumstances before issuing a verdict, and latter is always individual, specific in each case, though there are case precedents to look at.
    But don't you dare to compare ILLEGAL ALIENS to other Human beings, EVER!!
    Because ILLEGAL ALIEN is NOT a HUMAN BEING in the first place and the rest arises from it.

    Finally.. And now I have this very delightful smile on my face, and my stomach feels so warm and nice, it's even tickling!! Hehehehe
    I just imagine what those sorry a-s-s ILLEGALS go through every day
    Imagine fearing to be deported and separated from families and friends every day! Oh, how sweet!! F-E-A-R!!! Hehehehe.. ( yes, I am a miserable coward myself, so I love to see others FEAR and SUFFER. Makes me feel so copmlete and relieved! Knowing that there is someone out there inferior to me, more miserable than me!!).
    How JOYFUL it is to think of someone other than myself suffering every day!!
    I really can't hide my joy now!!

    Let those basdards be PUNISHED!!
    Let our vengance be merciless upon them!!
    For they are WORSE than MURDERERS!!!!
    They are ILLEGALS!!!!
    With NO PAPERS authorising them to be here!!!!
    Forget about drug dealers on the corner of the street, forget about all criminals, murderers and rapists, FORGET THEM ALL !!!
    Contact your Representative, you Congressman and DEMAND that ALL THE RESOURSES OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE be turned toward those basdards who lack documents and authorisation to be here!!
    It is everyone's duty to bring those roaches to light and deport them all AS SOON AS CONCEIVABLY POSSIBLE!

    And don't let anyone dare to say that all of America is ILLEGAL except Native Americans.
    That's a big LIE too!!
    Because, as you all obviously know, Native Americans were SUB-HUMANS too, just as these BASDARD ILLEGALS are.

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    You need to see a doctor.


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      Sounds like epiclaughter cuts grass for a living and is very miserable.


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        May the Lord have mercy on this guys soul. I would have one question for him... Were you ancestors Native Indians?

        If not.. Then you yourself are an immigrant. Thank God people like this can write stupids posts and can't do anything about it..

        Probably he is angry because his boss is an immigrant making more money than him.. Ordering him around while he is making minimum wage!


        • #5
          Hey Epic,
          You're funny You're mad, happy, and sad at the same time.

          You can fix this problem yourself by getting a real job so you don't compete with the Illegal Immigrants on the minimum wage job.

          Quoting Epic: "Don't you people read Darvin???"
          Could you please explain that to me, or at least read it for me, I a igmirant I dotn' speeke anglis ferry woell.


          • #6
            Seems like you in the last phase of manic depression EpicLaughter and for your information not all immigrants work $6/hr jobs cutting grass and cleaning restaurants lol, the immigrants you're talking about are those who don't speak a word in English and have no education, i'm not from mexico but i'm a legal immigrant and don't and din't work for less than $15/hr in addition to now having my own business, I'd say to you if you were born here and gotten no education or a decent career and still making 6/hr then there's something wrong with you or you're the kind who sits on the couch all day hoping for a million dollars to drop from the sky.


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              I have just reported EpicLaughter to the moderator, because his posting is extremely offensive. I do not support the proposed Guest Worker Program, either, but I am able to argue my case in a professional manner. I hope that EpicLaughter has his membership terminated.


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                Epic is great !!!! I am reporting Sundevil to the moderator for I find him offensive and I suspect that he is a fraudster!

                WELCOME TO THE BOARD EPIC !!

                I am granting you a free 3 year membership to the ILW board !!!


                • #9
                  One thing to be sure, ILW doesnt care what people post on this message board. If Idtuzz the muzzie can post about loving american beheadings, praising bin ladin, screaming allah f-u-c-k-b-a-r all the while ILW dont care, then Epic can post whatever he wants. At least he's rooting for the home team


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                    oh goosh
                    Is this site going to get infested with this depressed sad manic like michael and now this epiclaughter.
                    Go get some education and a better job and believe me you aint going to be so depressed to take your frustration on this site.


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                      Don't forget Depoman


                      • #12
                        I have just reported EpicLaughter to the FBI, because posting or saying in the public places or on the Internet racist and neo-Nazi statements is ILLEGAL (!) in the USA.
                        I hope that FBI and the judge will give him long (at least 5 years) sentence to spend in the federal jail or sent him where the Al Qaida prisoners are kept.


                        • #13
                          Guess what Moooria? Being an illegal immigrant is illegal in the USA !!!


                          • #14
                            Epic and Michael are the same person. God has mercy of ya


                            • #15
                              Michael and Epic are not the same person. Epic posted who he was in one of his "first" posts. If you'd take a close look at what he writes you might see something other than face value meaning. I don't believe that every illegal person needs to immediately be deported. I believe there are a lot of reasons for some people to be in the situations they are in. I do have a problem with Maria and some of her posts though. I wish she'd get bored with ILW and migrate to British expats or Immi2us or somewhere... but those sites are moderated.


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