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MY 7 old years daughter was deported on august 29. to Jordan

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    Has anybody else here been to Croatia?

    I have twice and I have a friend who is ther now, a popular holiday destination and one I would recommend.

    Quite how someone could attempt to justify an assylum claim from there is beyond me.


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      The best nature in the World and 4500 killers walking free on the streets. I don't have to explain to any of you my reasons and my asylum case, only I have to do that on the front of immigration.


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        This topic is not question I have right to apply for asylum or not, this topic it's question how this cann happened to asylum seekers who did everything under the law!?


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          If you'd choose not to be so selective with the questions you answer, perhaps someone could get this back on topic, Glory. I asked a couple, but you seem to have overlooked them.
          The above is simply an opinion. Your mileage may vary. For immigration issues, please consult an immigration attorney.


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            you forgot about the lies you told our embassy when you asked for the tourist visa....remember those?
            And just because a bunch of cro-magnon types are running the streets of Croatia is not a foundation for asylum...the persecution has to come from the government, not from garden variety criminals.


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              I know that, but I don't goanna explain to you the reason for my asylum case; I had repeated many times that I only have to do that on the front of immigration not to you.
              Especially you are one anti immigrant.
              Anti immigrants looks like in Nazi time: racist, killers, ghettos, concentration camps it's maybe next or Arbeit macht frei! Leave Mexicans alone, this is the beautiful people. Leave me to, I don't need your advice!


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                Glory, what am I ? chopped liver?
                Jeez. Why do I even bother!
                The above is simply an opinion. Your mileage may vary. For immigration issues, please consult an immigration attorney.


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                  so glory,..tell us all about the LIES you and your scumbag husband told to our embassy when you asked for tourist visas.....please, share those LIES with all - we would really like to hear them....of course, you lack the courage to do so, you keep dodging the question and act like you know everything about US immigration law, when in reality you only know how to lie.
                  That's how you were brought up in Croatia, right? Lie lie lie lie lie lie lie....and know we are supposed to believe single word you say? Sounds like a crock of croation krap.


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                    The one thing I can be certain of, there are far, far more killers walking the streets in the US than Croatia. Probably stand more chance claiming assylum if you were French.



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