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A rude and unethical lawyer

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    I had very bad experience with attorney few years ago.
    To make story short - I had to contact almost everyone, including one Federal Agent, dozens of attorneys, tons of research on internet, Grievance Commitee, Bar Association and so on...
    I even did a little detective work of my own - contacted his former partner and spoke in private - I also learned that they had parted under unfavorable circumstances, and I got some very useful information from his ex-partner.

    It all ended with my succees. I literally wrote briefs - though I am not an attorney and never did it before.
    I gathered tons of evidence, including emails.
    I think the job I did was so good that in one of the replies the office of defending attorney claimed that there was no way someone like me could write all those things, so accurately and effectively arguing and defeating the arguments of many years practicing attorney, that I must have used services of some attorney who did it on my behalf
    I must say I was flattered

    I WON ! I got refund of fees paid + two letters of reprimand against this unscrupulous attorney.
    I didn't pursue further action for damages - as I promised from very beginning that it was not my intention to use the incident to sue for damages, but I only wanted the justice to prevail.

    I must say I WAS VERY IMPRESSED WITH STATE OF NEW YORK JUDICIARY SYSTEM and with numerous people at the Grievance Commitee - they were all absolutely NEUTRAL AND FAIR - AND THAT IS WHAT TRUE JUSTICE SYSTEM IS ALL ABOUT !

    Now, this being said, I thing it would be a GROSS ERROR to say that all Attorneys are crooked and bad - simply because I had one bad experience with some unethical and crooked person who also was an Attorney.

    Now or anytime in future - I will always consult and retain an attorney if there is any complex legal question requiring their expertise.

    The only thing I learned is that one must either retain attorney through close reference (someone you know who might say that the attorney is good), or else one should spend time to check-out attorney before hiring, make sure he/she is really good - so one can avoid going through what I have - for mistakenly hiring a bad one.

    Good luck to ALL,
    and my advise is




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      Yeah.. maybe there's like ONE good lawyer..
      Why do you speak lies?

      The key to hiring a good attorney is to spend some time and learn about his/her accomplishments and speak to people he/she has worked for.

      It's is an egregious fallacy and blatant LIE to say that ALL immigration attorneys are crooked on the account of one or two bad experiences..


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          Look, dummy, making movie is ,basically speaking, about the ability of director to communicate his feelings and those of screenwriter through the screen-shot, the cut and the music.
          At my earliest ages (7-11 years) I already witnessed in person how the entire process went on , from the beginning to the very end.

          What do you fit in your screen-shot?
          How you move your camera?
          When you CUT the film (that's the change of scene), how you make those CUTS smooths, meaningful, as if it was one river stream?
          Who composes your music?
          How do you make so that music and visual shots COMPLEMENT each other?
          How do you work with actors?
          How do you make them feel what and how you want them to perform?

          That's only part of what Director does.
          Then you have a Produsser, you have whole crew, the Camera-man (VERY important part of production), you have Arts-Director (someone who will project, sketch and order decorations, costumes, choose the background, scenes, places of nature, architechturally corresponding locations, Cities and etc.)..

          Masters of movie making (at least in Europe) are being taught based on classic movies of Fellini, Bergman, Bunuel and etc.
          From Classics they learn BASICS - actually everything you need to know about movie making is there..

          But then, and this is MOST IMPORTANT, it takes a HEART, A SPIRIT to make a movie.

          Every idiot can be taught those basics and even beyond. Almost any ****sterhead can be shown methods of modern advanced computer graphics.

          But RARE are the men who will make GREAT MOVIE, something that you will watch and remember for years to come... Something like "Amadeus" of Milos Forman..

          In short it takes a GENIUS to be one, and it can't be taught..


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            You can be very unpleasant sometimes and you rarely display any sense of humor at all.
            What a wonderful description of yourself

            you couldnt tell me the movies that impressed you the most..
            I have no interest in doing so, though I was corteous enough to mentioned a few.
            Some day, if it be MY WILL, I shall speak of greatest movies I ever watched & why I consider those to be great.

            You're not that really interested in quality movies and in filmmaking if you didnt watch Fargo.
            In fact I recall watching FARGO 8-10 years ago (I figured it after finding description of it on yahoo).
            I recall very brutal scenes there too.
            But what is it in it that makes it a "quality movie"?

            Now I demand 10 VASES of Roses.
            Perhaps I should demand 10 VASES of Roses as well

            It is said that one shall never argue with the dummy, or else people may never know the difference


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              Who is EVERYONE ELSE ?
              You mean ghosts in your head ?


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