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Mumbai K3 success......whats next???

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  • Mumbai K3 success......whats next???

    Hello all finally my wife got her K3 visa from Mumbai it was not that bad at all. She is here in State now so can someone tell me whats next we have to do ????
    many thanks

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    Hello all finally my wife got her K3 visa from Mumbai it was not that bad at all. She is here in State now so can someone tell me whats next we have to do ????
    many thanks


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      Apply for a green card. Go to local office and get an I-485 package or you could probably download all the forms on the website.


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        ajnabi: mubark and well come back: Have you ever checked you mail on the board.
        Where is Chakee/Gurdani.
        Just take your time. you can start all next week.


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          Hi ajnabi,

          Congratulations ... did u have fun ? did they let u in or they are very strict now? U already got answer to ur question...good luck...


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            Thanks Pasha, Sab34 and everyone else who helped me with this...and yeah I got chikki from Lonawala anyway I am working on getting her EAD. then wait for the I-130 to approve and then do adjust of status. isn't it true ? well let me know. Thanks all


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              u got it right ajnabi...good luck...Pasha


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                Congrats, and I have a question. Where is your I-130 filed? The reason I asked is because my husband's is filed with the Vermont Service Center. The I-130 was approved on 10-3-03, and we never even knew it until I was talking with a lady from the National Visa Center in January after my husband arrived on a K3 visa. I had filed the I-130 in late April 2003. I never got an approval notice from Vermont Service Center. Two service requests have been entered by two different immigration officers for them to send me a copy of the approval notice so that we can proceed with adjustment of status for my husband. I also send a registered letter more than six weeks ago asking them to send me a copy. We still have not heard a word from them whatsoever. We are just sitting and waiting when the I-130 was approved over five months ago! Anyway, I mentioned this in case your I-130 was filed in Vermont Service Center. I don't know if this has happened to anyone else. Can anyone tell me how I can obtain a copy of the approval notice since the Vermont Service Center is not responding to me or the immigration officers' requests?


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                  Thanks sPrasad well my I-130 filed in TEXAS service center and you know it will take for ever to get approved. Still after few weeks I will call 1-800 # to check and see whats going on, right now I'm working on the EAD card, I went to SS office today and they said it will take about 45-60 days to get reply back I dont no why it takes so long I needed SS number for income tax perpous. anyways can you tell me what steps did you do for your husband after he got here on K3..did you apply for EAD ? and I-485 together ? let me know. many thanks everyone here


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                    Hello Ajnabi. We already filed for my husband's EAD, and he had the fingerprinting done on 2/25. They told my husband on 2/25 that it will be AT LEAST 90 days before he hears from the EAD. Did you apply for your wife's social security number already? We were told by social security that my husband cannot apply for a social security number until he has his EAD, so we have not even applied for the social security number yet. We have not filed the I-485 yet because we are still waiting for Vermont Service Center to send us a copy of the approval notice for the I-130. We have waited several weeks for this. They should have sent me a copy of it in the first place, but they never (or at least I never got it in the mail). Glad your wife is here, and I hope her adjustment here has gone smooth.


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