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Will we ever become legal residents of the United States anytime soon?

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  • moemoe: 'pressure' to rid the workplace of illegals can be applied in two ways - 1) levy huge fines on employers who hire illegals, say $25,000 for the first offence, $50,000 for the 2nd, etc and 2) ship all the illegals home, either by allowing them to self deport at their own expense or we round 'em up and escort them to the airport. In other words, dry up the labor pool that is depressing wages.
    There are at least 5M Americans out of work and looking for employment [maybe even more] - if employers were forced or encouraged to pay a higher wage, more Americans would show up to do these jobs. That is basic Econ, 101.


    • i'll go with president's proposal.
      which is more realistic and less risky.
      many of the jobs taken by these workers are not attractive to american labor.
      no one's gona pay 20 dollars an hour to clean toilet.


      • No, but we the taxpayer are now paying several thousand bucks a year per child to educate that illegal alien's child, and heaven knows how much more for medical care. Then there are the other costs associated with low wage workers: provide affordable housing, provide expanded transportation such as bus service so that low-income workers can get to their jobs, and deal with the health and safety issues of new diseases (chagra, for example) and overcrowding.

        Employers may not want to pay $20 an hour for a toilet cleaner, but they'll pass the costs on to the consumer (which they don't do with the savings they make from using illegal labor) who will pay a few cents more for a hotel room. And some businesses will benefit, too. The toilet cleaner who gets $20 an hour (and maybe health insurance) will be able to pay more taxes, buy a new car or computer, send his kids to college, etc. I should add that the mother of a friend of mine, was a cleaning lady (i.e. cleaned toilets among other things) who did earn about $15 an hour plus benefits before she retired a few years ago. She's African-American and that job, plus her marriage to a guy who worked on the line, has put her solidly into the middle class. She built a new house to retire to, has a Lexus, and bought a new truck. She likes to gamble and goes to the Indian casino. In other words, that $20 an hour gets multiplied through the economy when she spends it.


        • Legal immigration (for employment) is supposed to handle jobs current US citizens don't want or can't do. Which is why most people on work visas have to go through labor certification. Legal immigration is secondary to US citizens. Illegal immigration is nothing but a drain on both citizens and legal residents. PERIOD.


          • Be careful, Jeff. That bit about labor certification isn't strictly true. Most H1-Bs DO NOT go through labor certification until such time as their employers decide to sponsor them for green cards. At best, the employer is required to "attest" (i.e., you take his word) that no American worker will take the job at the prevailing wage (how to determine this is up to the employer)in order to sponsor an H1-B. Nor do H1-B rules require that Americans be given preference in hiring OR LAYOFFS, which is why you actually have American workers training their H1-B replacements at some companies.


            • AliBa, I haven't met an H1-B that didn't have intentions of going through labor cert. to get to green card. Also, although some americans are actually training their H1-B replacements, although it is somewhat twisted, when you get your H1-B, it comes with the "intent" to permanent residency thus leading to green card and eventually citizenship. So i guess when these H1-B visas are issued, it seems the people that came up with this law for H1-B pretty much intended for these people to eventually become citizens.


              • honkycat, I'd be interested to know which settlement agreement you are claiming the benefit of.

                Best of luck!


                • To Someone12, not everyone who came to the US lied on their immigration forms.


                  • ren:anyone who got a visa, said they were going to stay a couple of weeks or so, and then overstayed, LIED.
                    In the real world (planet earth) no one with a REAL job, and REAL social ties could drop everything to suddenly take up living in the US. This jagoff honkeycat and his scummy wife lied to our embassy years ago and now, they want to be rewarded. Sorry, I don't buy it.
                    So tell us ren, how many times have you applied for a visa to another country, received it, went to that country and gave up everything in the US to live there?????????? (answer: zero)
                    honkeycat, maria, albatross23, antivirus and other visa cheats and border jumpers should be sent home tomorrow. They are nothing but irresponsible liars and scumbags.
                    As an aside ren, what would you say to those thousands of people waiting outside the US for their turn to immigrate LEGALLY to the US, why illegals pondscum like honkeycat should get a green card ahead of them? Let's hear a rational, logical explanation.......................(instead, we will hear either silence or the usual refrain of American Indians or "hard working people..."


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