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should i wait or go for interview?

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  • should i wait or go for interview?

    Hi all,

    We moved to Florida 3 months ago, filed AR-11 but haven't received anything about case transferred to FL. My NYC interview is scheduled on May 25. Should we go back to NYC for interview and bring our Florida documents or wait for notice of action which i don't know when. I don't want to be denied due to case abandonment just because we didn't show up and if we did, will they hear our case considering that we are out NYC's jurisdiction?

    Thanks for your help wonderful people!

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    What immigration benefit are you applying for?


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      marriage to usc, why?


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        Ideally, your interview should take place in FL. However, due to time constrains and inefficiency of USCIS, your best option may be to go to NYC.


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          I wouldn't suggest going to the NYC interview without explaining your situation. If the officer asked whether you still resides in the same NYC address, how would you answer him/her? Saying yes will constitute to fraud. Saying no might transferred the case to florida afterall.


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            My wife's brother file for AOS for his son, July 2000, in August 2000, they moved to another State,
            They received a letter for interview in April 2001, duing the time of interview officer asked them the current address he explain the they have moved from
            the first address mentioned on the letter to new current address will be this XYZ Arizona, Officer rightaway said that since you are not the residence of this area I will have to send your file to Arizona office, and she handed over the copy of letter send to Arizona Office and asked to contact them in six weeks. He called Arizona Office, they informed him that file is here and you will get the letter from us in short timebut it took 2year for them to send a letter.


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              As you see it may take USCIS an eternity to transfer a case. Unless the cost and time spent on travel to NYC is prohibitive, it still may make sense to go there. In the worst case scenario they'll transfer case to FL. And what about renting an apartment in NYC area for a month?


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