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Illegal Immigrant Rights: Child Custody

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    It IS an immigration issue if I "dangle" his status in front of him to keep him away from myself and our daughter... Isn't it? Bottom line is... If that's what I've got to do, I WILL

    Yep, figured that what you were really trying to do. You really do sound twisted. A family court is the one to decide custody, (if you BOTH cannot come to an arrangement) not you. If you were really so worried about the safety of your child and yourself, you would get a restraining order AND seek full custody of your child. Obviously you are just using this guy to do exactly what you want him to do by threatening to turn him in. (If you had any sense, you would have already, but then again by hooking up with this illegal s(c)um in the first place, and knowing he hasn't been paying taxes for years, you've shown you don't have any) --- Sounds like you two ARE a match and deserve each other.


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      I can see where all these people are coming from , but until u are in this situation u can't really say anything.... people don't know what it is like to live with someone who is illegal and comes and goes or doesn't want to be there. they seem to understand that having him out of the picture just may be the right thing and maybe not. u have to live with the decision in the end and if u can provide reason to ur daughter when she is old enough why u did what u did, then trust ur self and pray first to left God help guide u through ur decision....

      I am in the same boat as you. not like them Hhaha. sorry have to have a little humor in it right?. i am trying to find out the same thing. except my husband has 1 child and it's with me. the only difference is i wanted to help him get his papers and either we didn't have the money, cause it is expensive!!!! people think that if u marry a citizen then they are legal, they are wayyyyy wrong! My husband has a habit of coming and going, his music seems to come first. i am just tired of the emotional abuse and verbal abuse from him. it's only to me, but in front of the kids, so it is just as bad and he wants partial custody and i don't want him to have any, but i would let him see her whenever he wants to just not be able to keep her for a weekend or even a day. he is considered what you call a flight risk. where they can leave and not be traced since they are illegal. i have heard different things. let me know what ur outcome is i would be interested to know/.....


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        <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by mpodcsin:
        An agreement by both parents is always a preferred course of action since a joint parental decision is more likely to be followed than if an outsider makes a decision for them.

        If the parents fail to reach an agreement which then can be presented as a Stipulation for issuance as a court order, they can then take unresolved issues to court. The courts typically apply a "best interest of the child" standard in determining this restructuring of rights and responsibilities. Often expert witnesses, such as psychologists and licensed social workers, will be called to present evidence for consideration by the court. After the court has received such evidence, it is then in a position to make an order regarding what is in your child's best interest and how to allocate of decision making authority and physical contact each of you will have with your child.

        Parents' immigration status will not be considered (as a limitation in custody rights) in resolving custody issues. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

        I beg to differ.... if u can show reasonable cause as to the parent being flakey and could possibly be a "flight risk" (what they call it) then it will be held into account. says my attorney....


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          what i was told, because my husband and i were going to get divorced last month and it went all the way to court.. we decideed to get it 1 more chance. i was told thru a court and attorneys that i was advised that if u 2 do not come to an agreement, and if he tries to go for custody and fight it then they will consider deporting him. but this is just in the state of IN. i don't know about the other states.


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