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CSS/Lulac's EAD and Advance Parole

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  • CSS/Lulac's EAD and Advance Parole

    I applied to get my EAD and Advance parole on Feb.14th 2006. I have received my Advance Parole on March 16th. They made the EAD finger print appoinment on Sat. April 1st.

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    I applied to get my EAD and Advance parole on Feb.14th 2006. I have received my Advance Parole on March 16th. They made the EAD finger print appoinment on Sat. April 1st.


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      Hi Rafi,

      Is your advanced parole good for just one entry or multiple?



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        Hey, I have a question regarding my friends situation, he has been in usa for about 26 years now. He filed I-687, I-765. I-765 is approved althouhg is has yet to receive card in mail. He said he was a child that time and didn't had a passport, and still don't have one. How can he obtain one? since he might need it for SSN and Interview for I-687 .


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          If he is not a US citizen, which seems like to be the case to me, he needs to go to the embassy of his birth country and apply for a passport there. It will be hard because he will have to submit alot of evidence of being citizen of that country. He should have a birth cert. and other things such as pictures, etc. I had the same issue, i came here at a young age with no passport. It was hard for me to convince the embassy thta i was a citizen. The embassy people took my interview to see if i was telling the truth, and after much convincing they issued me a passport. Hope this helps.


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            Thanks. no he is not citizen nor in legal status ofcourse if EAD gives him any status. He was about 4 years old if i remember correct. I told him to take his EAD and Birth Certificate to Embassy of his country, but he scares to do so, since his I-687 is pending, and only thing he has is EAD which will be delivered in mail soon.


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              Multiple entree and valid for one year.


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                Thanks Rafi for the info.



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                  I thought the application for LULAC was close on the 31st of DEC 2005. if I am right you just applied in Feb or is it a renewer.

                  A friend applied in Nov and did her biometeric in Dec 30th and is yet to get either her advance parole or EAD instead she got a letter sometimes in Jan stating thet she should provide more evidence that she was in the US at the time LULAC was approved.

                  Is this normal

                  Also I will like to know is anyone has got there EAD from LULAC recently.

                  Thanks for your reply


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                    yes this is normal. She won't get EAD or AP until she provides the documentation that she was requested to provide. The processing of that application and any ancillary applications (applications that are predicated on the green card application like the EAD & AP) is suspended until the documentation is received. In essence the clock has "stopped" until she proves she meets the basic eligibility requirements for the I-687.


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                      Thanks but I thought the LULAC programm ended on Dec 30th? how come Rafi applied on fed 14 for EAD or was it renewer



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                        Yes, It is my 15th years of renewal.


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                          Bronzelady: What kind of information would they need to prove they were here in that time frame. Are letters from friends etc appropriate. Please advice, thanks


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