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i687 case was denied but i got a letter to appeal can i still apply for work permit.?

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    Hard Rock, you said you got married here, so you cannot adjust thru wife? Like everyone mentioned, they have denied 99.9% cases and never followed the settlement agreement. Still I'm surprised that Carlos and Peter hasn't find any credible case or complaint to file a another suit against USCIS. Let's hope for the best for everyone. I guess now ur next best option will be your US kids until they become 21years of age)


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      US kids doesn't work..if u came here by EWI...thats only apply for those who came here with visa then loose thier status..


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        My I-687 was approved and I was asked to file a waiver because of my prior deportation order. In my case, I have social security earnings statement that proved that I was here in 1981 and also proved that I violated my status because I came with student visa. I am still waiting to hear from USCIS regarding my waiver.


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          Congrats on your I-687 approval and good luck on your waiver process. Hopefully, soon this will be resolved too in your favor.


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            <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by pearl:
            Congrats on your I-687 approval and good luck on your waiver process. Hopefully, soon this will be resolved too in your favor. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>Thanks Pearl


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              No, he cannot.


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                why not he css aplicant cannot adjast through us born wife


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                  why federal they(CSS) cannot adjast their status through marrige?


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                    I thnik becuase of waiver for EWI..very sad


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                      its cannot be right bc my friend css applicant got legalize through his wife....


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                        Yes, only if he paid the penality of $1000.00 and is covered under 245i otherwise CSS members cannot adjust even thru marriage while staying in US. Hope I clarified the situation. Good Luck!!1


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                          Hi All!!! I think that all LULAC/CSS applicants need to contact the center for human rights to get a more educated response regarding adjusting through siblings,parents or children, our cases are not the regular adjustment of status type cases, our cases are given deference in higher appeal courts, as if we have entered the US with a visa, all I`m saying is that if we can apply for assylum, then be denied and still be given the opportunity to litigate in front of the executive office of immigration review judge to seek judicial review for our denied LULAC/CSS cases as well, than I`m sure that some if not all of us can adjust through family here in the US without having to leave the country. All denied members need to look into statutory provision of INA Section 245A (f)(4)(A).....I`m afraid that there`s not going to be any type of CIR folks, if you are waiting for it...wait no more, is not the only thing we have left is judicial`ll be surprised to see in how many people are adjusting their US immigration status now through deportation proceedings (cancellation of removal) with the EOIR,BIA and the federal circuit court of appeals if necessary, just becuase they have lived in the country for 10 years, have extreme hardship in their US citizen/legal resident parents or children, etc. and can prove it, now this applies to visa overstays and LULAC/CSS applicants....also even though the standard of the new law is under the cancellation of removal standard, the more lenient standard applies to us, which is the suspension of deportation standard. Happy Holidays!!!


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                            pearl......So they have to pay 1000.$penalty and what else...


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                              Hi shafiq344,
                              I would like u to research on 245i law. Just type this on google and you will find the links. The one on shusterman website gives you the most of the information. Then you will know what I meant by saying whoever is covered under this law can adjust here in USA without leaving even if they came without any inspection. Good luck!!!


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                                Hi Pearl, can you explain 245i, how do we know if we are covered, what`s the difference between a LULAC/CSS applicant that is covered under 245i and one that is not; aren`t we all supposed to be covered under 245i anyways? thank you.


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