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Some one help me lift my life long CURSE!

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    I think Someone12 needs a group hug! *ahw* *sniff*


    • #17
      before I get deported I'll swing by texas and make sure I give you your desperately needed hug okay their my little love challenged buddy.


      • #18
        You are right. Mr 12, I can't speak english either...LOL

        BTW why you think that I am helping people who want to cross your border?
        How you understand me if I can't even speak Angleeesh?

        actually I am trying to help people who are already here who want to play by your so called immigration rules.. your rules made by your government, rule that doesn't work, department which is a joke. department Like BIA who put people in their who knows nothing but to rubber stamp Ij's decision and put burden on Circuit courts and when circuit courts revert their decision, then they just go with the flow.. these things cost a lots of money to you and to law abiding person who want to be legal, who are already here.
        You like it or not I try to help people who are already here( not who want to cross the border).
        All the aliens who are here already costs the tax payer weather you like it or not. you can't do anything about it other then come here and curse people..can you?.
        In fact helping other I am helping you because if any one person become Legal here who are already here he is obligated to pay taxes which helps you. your goverment are trying to find solution for years... they tried in 1986( Amnesty), 2001 ( 245i) etc but problem is still there why?

        Becasue people like you just sit on their As s and bash on others but don't do their job, politicians don't want to correct problem because that is their vote bank... why can't you go and bark on Arnold .. who also came to this country just to participate in Body building and now he is Cali Governer?...
        What you think these lawyers do? of course they do it for money , they **** the alien dry. if I put someone in right path so they can't get into trap of blood ****ers , what wrong with that.
        let me ask you a simple question in your english language...
        everyone on this site have some question or related to immigration problem thats why they are here on this site .. if you don't have any immigration problem why you are on this site?
        Or do u want me to highlight your questions you have asked regarding Immigration?
        Its a discussion, not a legal advise..


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          If you need any help just write your email address and I will respond you directly. thats for the last posting
          Its a discussion, not a legal advise..


          • #20
            Hey Mohan

            Thanks for the offer. I think patience paid off since all I came here for was to find someone kind enough to help me. My email Address is:

            I guess I should check my email for your response in the next few days. I'll fill you in on the details of my situation. Even if it leads to nothing I thank you for being helpful anyway.

            Talk to you later, take care and god bless!



            • #21
              I alrady have job which requires me very much. but i can't say same about you because All the departments you mentioned above, alrady have people like you working for these department.. sorry no more recommedation for you.. on the other hand .. if you will be get any of the job then who will come and write his hateful remarks here? we need you here .. we can't find anyone else who can sit on computer whole day and write his /her frustration here on people..
              BTW you did not answer my questions that why you are here?
              Its a discussion, not a legal advise..


              • #22
                Someone 12 how did you get to USA? and WHY?


                • #23
                  email address written above didn't work.. my email returned back,undelivered.
                  Its a discussion, not a legal advise..


                  • #24
                    Hey mohan,

                    I dont know why the google account wouldn't work. Did you keep in mind that between the words there are periods?

                    if that email does not work you can email at


                    Well hopefully one of the two will work.


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