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Fastest way for LPR Spouses & Dependent to Immigrate

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    yes, I would, because an LPR is not a USC, so they don't get the same privileges. Perhaps the wait could be reduced a bit by the addition of more visa numbers (by eliminating the diversity lottery, for example).
    LPRs must demonstrate that they can be considered for citizenship by OBEYING our laws, including all immigration laws - so, if they try to lie to help their spouse get a tourist visa, the LPR should lose his/her GC and be sent home.
    I would consider a new kind of tourist visa for spouses/children of LPRs - which would allow a visit of no more than one month, with NO change of status allowed, no extensions, no exceptions. Any violation would bar the alien spouse/child for ten years without waiver.


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      The active moderator will make sure there won't tolerate any of the typical bashing here or attempt to sabotage it
      Yes, marmaduk, no immigrant-bashing/mentally twisted "hate" posts are allowed @ (thanks to moderator!).

      And, of course, MY posts have never been edited or deleted there, since I constantly contribute to constructive purposes of the above mentioned board.



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        all this ImmortalIdiot can do is cut and paste. He has not had an original thought come out of his pea-sized brain since he was born (or hatched).


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          Monday, February 13, 2006

          please reunite me with my family.... Why does the Appeal to US congress goes unheard?

          I have been working with online groups including yahoo group and updating the ONLINE WEBPAGE for nearly 5-6 months and am one of the folks impacted by this issue.

          The Question that keeps coming to my mind :: Why will our issue NOT get resolved???? Because... People just DON't care:
          a) Lawmakers don't care about family unity. Senators and Congressmen have too many fish to fry, and issues to resolve. Why should they care about this issue?
          b) Media doesn't care: there is already an overload of breaking news and heart-breaking stories to cover. Why should they care about this issue?
          c) American Citizen don't have to be separated from their spouses and young families. Why should they care about this issue?
          d) MostLegal visa holders (L1, H1, F1, B1 etc) can bring spouses and dependents along with them. Why should they care about this issue?
          e) Lobbyists> go after larger issues, where there is more money to be made. Why should they care about this issue?
          f) Lawyers and immigrationattorneys already have their hands full with all kinds of cases. Why should they care about this issue?
          g) Corporations and companies don't care. Actually some like phone companies and travel agencies benefit from our miseries. Why should they care about this issue?

          So, Who cares? ONLY a small percentage of folks like you and me ( LPRs) on this forum starting young families, trying to live the ËœAmerican Dream' we care because we are at the receiving end.

          Just because we care, will our issue get resolved?
          NO because others DON't care!!! Folks, THINK !!.what can we do to make others care about our issue?

          Bottom-line :: Don't expect the problem/issue to be solved magically just because some lawmakers have sponsored/co-sponsored the bill. There are over 600 of us here in this group alone .. can we not do SOMETHING?!


          Here are my observations, a call to action if you will.
          * Has each member written to their congressman and Senator? Why Not?
          * Has each member tried to contact a religious, church group, other body to have their voice heard? Why not?
          * Has each member written a blog, or to a website? Why Not?
          * Has each member tried to contact the media (letters to editor, mail reporters) . Why Not?
          * When Ajit sent out a request for Southern Californian members to talk to a reporter, nobody responded! Why not respond?
          * Has each member told all their friends and associates about their issue. Why not make other aware?
          the list could go on....what are we afraid of? I am really afraid of inaction

          - MB
          Posted by b2b handshake on 11:02 AM


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