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      They will make these arrests to show that our goverment is capable of being strict on illegals, only to get the immigration bill into congress and into law. I am glad they are doing this because once the bill passes they will have to crack down illegals that do not fall under the new law that will be passed.


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        as reported by Associated Press

        "There are more than 500,000 "fugitive aliens" who have been deported by judges and either slipped back into the country or never left. There is often a disconnect between local and state prisons and the federal government that allows illegal immigrants to serve time and be released without being transferred to federal officials for deportation."

        antivirus said:
        "They will make these arrests to show that our goverment is capable of being strict on illegals, only to get the immigration bill into congress and into law"

        Capable of being strict.. but unable to enforce.
        so much for deportation huh.... gone today,, back here tommorow.

        Still in favor of amnesty?


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          That's easy, if you want to find Bin Laden's whereabouts, just report him to Social Services as a deadbeat parent.

          Tell them he own's child support.

          In no time he will be found !



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            What's even funnier than this story is that illegal immigrants actually feel they have legal rights and protest these moves.


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              DHS has historically targeted and expeditiously removed people with criminal past or criminal associations - in order to use it's limited resourses in the most effective way.

              At present OP mentioned sweeps serve to:

              1. As always, get communities rid of criminals and those who pose threat to public safety.

              2. Strenghten the Bush Administration's stance on Immigration Reform.
              It makes so much harder for opponents of Administration to accuse latter of the lack of enforcement initiatives.


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                You mean you doubt the fact that 2,100 illegal immigrants were swept in raides and placed into deportation proceedings?


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                  Is it for the first time that you have read the press reports about raids?

                  Of course much longer time must have been spent before raids, investigating, locating and preparing arrest of criminals.

                  It is your reasoning which doesn't hold water, but it's another subject.


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                    Yes, I also agree that this action was planned for a long time. They were just looking for the right moment to implement it.


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                      Guys, don't you see how funny this article is? Any similar writing on this topic?
                      This seriously can't be the truth...

                      They can't find Bin Laden for years and they did find all the worst criminals and fugitives, etc in around 2-3 weeks by just sweeping the streets??

                      COME ON!
                      Iperson, the sting operation probably lasted at least a year with cooperaton from state and local law enforcement agencies with ICE. It was a huge effort intended to make the public aware that ICE was at least trying to do their job. However, have you seen the FBI's 10 most wanted. They cannot find Mr. Jeffs, a known polygamist with welfare, child endangerment, and a host of other serious infractions.

                      With OBL, it is a far different story. The Tora Bora region has a mulitude of caves, unknown passages, and a host of tribal villages. Those tribal villages are not cooperating with anybody. If you go there, you are considered an outsider and with suspicion, even if you are touting the same hate filled message that OBL gives.
                      "Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence." John Adams on Defense of the boston Massacre


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                        About half the people arrested had criminal records for violent crimes. In addition, roughly 367 of the people arrested were members or associates of violent street gangs. More than 600 were fugitives who had been ordered to leave the country but failed to do so.
                        There's nothing in the article that says they found the WORST criminals. It says about half of those arrested had been arrested before for violent crimes. Most of those had to be kept up with, at least to some extent, upon their release from jail. That only leaves half to make up the rest. Surely you don't think it's that difficult to find criminals and street gang members? And what is this about nobody being illegal? Is this just being picky about verbage?


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                          For everyones info. Bin Laden is not running the streets of America. LOL Immigration crackdown is the best idea not guest worker program. Keep it up ICE. These fugitives are walking the streets of America and are picked up with ease. Looks like if you are illegal that the days are coming to where you will have to go underground!! Or get the Hell back to your country!! LOL


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                            Bet ya that you would not call us stupid if you were in the same room as us!! lucky for you that you are on the internet!! Get your punk a*s*s back to where ya came from!!


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                              LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!


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