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He married me for a green card...forced a split up...and ruined my life

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    Dont let it get you down.. I know so many women here in Orlando used for greencards by moroccan men. I got used for a greencard is actually a common statement when you meet women having been involved with them..Was you husband arab or North African...? Looking at what he did to you I guess arab because of the whole business thing and car titles. Get to immigration and pull his papers and file a complaint against his greencard. It may not do anything but it will help your feelings. Then tell everyone you know what happened to you. Post all over the place on the web.. these morons need to fry for what they are doing to western women,... Their own women are nt as dumb as us apparently.


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      I have a green card. Will you date me?


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        how are you doing now? Is life a little better.


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          Wanting to Help People Who Have Been Conned By Someone They Loved

          I am casting a show looking to help people going through just this situation. If you think you've been conned or scammed by someone you love please contact us. Our PIs may be able to help uncover the information you need.

          HAVE YOU BEEN CONNED?- Our amazing private investigators are ready to help you! Did your dream spouse actually marry you for a greencard? Did your best friend meet someone online that smells a bit (cat)fishy to you? We can help with that!

          Everyone wants closure, but not everyone gets it: especially those who have been conned. We want to change that.

          Be a part of an exciting new TV series, AND get FREE help from the best private investigators around! Just email with your name, age, location, and story, and we will go from there. We look forward to hearing from you!


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            Case Number: **********
            Gabriela Draghici
            DOB: ***************

            My name is Oliver B. Johnson III, I am writing this letter to withdraw my sponsorship of Gabriela Draghici's visa. On July of 2013, I was approached by Mrs. Drachici for the first time. I had never met her before this time. She stated that she was in America on a expiring tourist Visa. She asked me to marry her being she needed to work to support her sick mother and poor family. She stated that her friends had done this and they were in happy relationships. She stated that in ordered for this to work that I would have to rent an apartment with her name on the lease. She agreed to pay for half the rent but not live in the apartment. She stated that she would want to get to know me before we would live together. On around July 19 2013 we were married.

            After I read an article about her being an escort and selling sex to Leo Messi, I told her I no longer wanted to go though with the green card process. At this point she told me that if I did not she would accuse me of rape and domestic abuse. I was forced to goto the Greencard interview and lie, she told the interviewing agent that we met in Romania, I thought that after they reviewed our passports, phone and test records it would be clear that we never met before July 2013. This was not the case the temporary visa was approved.

            It was at this point I filed for a marriage annulment and wrote my letters to I.C.E. Mrs. Draghici then after I filed for an annulment started to see a psychologist to begin the case for her hardship visa. She obtained a restraining order saying that we lived together and I raped and hit her. At no point in my knowing Mrs. Draghici did we live in the same residence. I went into Immigration with witness statements from people who visited my apartment and the statements of my neighbors stating that she had never lived there. I also give my phone and text records for the year before July 2013 showing we never had any contact before that time.

            At legal threats from her lawyer, I was forced to drop the annulment. I started getting threats from her Romanian circle of friends, which caused me to flee Las Vegas.

            I am writing this letter to be included in the file of Mrs. Draghici in the hopes that her attempt to gain a ten year visa in America will be denied. Mrs. Draghici has done nothing but lie and try to intimidate me from the moment we first met. It is my belief that Mrs. Draghici will attempt to obtain a hardship visa; at no point did I ever touch Mrs. Draghici, the only time we were in close contact were for stage photos for her Greencard. We never lived together, nor did we have a sexual relationship. This was a marriage for the sole point of fraud against the US Government

            Oliver B. Johnson III

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