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He married me for a green card...forced a split up...and ruined my life

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  • He married me for a green card...forced a split up...and ruined my life

    I was 23, a country girl, and ignorant to green card abuse. I met him on job and we were married 2 months later. I left my good paying job, my family, my friends...everything to start a life with my new husband. I got pregnant right away and had a 6 year old son from a previous relationship. He started all the paper work right after we got settled into our new apartment. We went to our interview and I processed the second set of papers for the final green card. Our cases took years to finalize...and even longer to get the green card only because they sent it to a previous address. So finaly 7 long years he gets his green card...that was this January...then May 18 he starts a fight with me and my son forcing a split up. Thru phone records I found out he has been in contact with a lawyer ever since he got his green card and has been in regulary contact with the lawyer right up to the day he left. He left me high and financial support and I have been a homemaker for almost eight years now. I have 2 children to take care of now, 9 cats, and 2 dogs. There is so much more too that I cant get into all of it in this post. Basically it boils down to that he used me over and over again, he bought everything in his name...the cars, the house, he started a business only in his name...but then expected me to manage it. Before marrying me in 1997 he married his brothers wife in 1993 to get a green a card and when his brother and his wife got into a fight she withdrew her petition for my husband and he was suposed to leave the country but never did. So when he married me he was illegal. I'm so furious. Now he's acting like a victim in all this. I had to go to the courts and file a petition for custody and an order of protection after all this went down. He has been physically abusive towards me in the past. Also after he left I realized that he took the title to an Expedition that he owns in full and my daughters birth certificate was I naturally felt that he was a flight risk. After he was served his paper for court he stopped calling his daughter. It's been over a month since she seen or heard from her daddy. The scum bag. I would like anyone out there to give me advice on what I should do about this. I'm considering a civil lawsuit and maybe even getting my marriage annulled if I can. I got jipped big time. I never got the wedding I always wanted, I stood infront of a judge in his office and no honeymoom either. Just 8 years of disappointment and heart break.


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    If you don't have something useful to contribute keep your mouth shut. I do have a lawyer...I am here to gather suggestions on what to do to the phrucking P.rick who did this to me...why I married and had a child is none of your business and I didn't say being a country girl is an excuse so F.uck off. You're sorry for nothing and you're the one who needs a reality check...Let me make this abundantly clear to you and anyone else who wants to run their mouth...I didn't come here to get advise on what I should do about myself or my pets...I have my life under control...much more then I care to let on...what I want from this forum is information on how to pursue the A.sshole who did this, strategies, tips...immigration laws that might apply to my case...not your illinformed airchair philosophy! Pissant!


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      other side of the story:
      who knows what really happend to your marriage...?

      I have been in similar situation in fact still I am and there is no way out as I think of. I got married after she found me, actually her mother found me, I had house, good job(professional one), she never worked in her life, she was studying, we dated for a year... then got married in 1997. filed paper work and got I130 approved in 1998end. our first kid was born in 2000 end ( enough time for make a decision to bring a life to this world). I have to move for job purpose( intra company transfer from east to west) she was 9 months pregnancy and she took off to east coast..filed restraining order, without reason Just to put her family in my house( they can't affort rent). then legal battle started.. and I got my house foreclosed because i stop paying mortgage.. once house was no more problems... one day suyddenly she appeared on my door in west with baby..... becasue of kid sake I let her in... with that promise that she will not do this again... one years goes by and we had another kid...her mom got in trouble financially she took off again..... with the money.... that where i found out that approved I130 was taken back, withdrawn... made me overstayer .. all the money paid to attorneys and immigration procedure all that gone to the drain... asked for more money for kids.. i always give them but still try tofile child support , twice... did not aproved by the authority.
      bottom line .. some people think that they can use immigration as a tool to blackmail and if they don't get their way , they try to get the alien out of the country, make them stay away from their own kids .. and what ever possible so they can get what they want.... Just to tell you all out there that I pay taxes to uncle sam more then 34K a year. never involved in any crime.
      cat, dog and child is just an excuse to get what you want... people like me don't give a F*ck to green card, only reason I am here just for kids... ciao


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        I think you are suppose to contact immigration authorities and turn him in. I don't know the procedures. Don't be surprised to hear he may have a wife back in Mexico.

        I know you are not alone. As I speak I am watching court TV. A judge is sentencing an 18 yr old girl to life in prison for killing her parents. She fell in love with an illegal from Mexico. They disapproved and forbid her to see him. Btw, the illegal testified against her when he was jailed for drug possession at a traffic stop. She lost her family, home, car, freedom etc.

        Good Luck


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          KrispyCreme you're a joke. You are obviously here to debunk the do-gooders and promote the A.SSwhipes who abuse our country and the good folk in it. You can shoot off your lip all you want and get the support of all the idiots dumb enough to listen to you...but let me tell you something any intelligent reader you're nothing more then an instigator devoid of any redeeming qualities...your first reply to my message clearly proves my point. Instead of condemning what wrong actions of an abusive criticize the victim and what you don't even know about.


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            And since you edited you second reply to mention about my lawyer I'll be happy to educate further on this...



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              Now I'm beginning to understand KrispyCremes defensive attitude...because she's a busy little bee trying to get her naturally she's going to feel for the oh so unsuspecting immigrant I'm married to. LOLOLOL.


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                This may be of interest to you..

                WASHINGTON - A Senate panel approved legislation Thursday that would
                prohibit immigrants who owe child support from entering the United States
                and prevent those already in the country from becoming citizens.

                The legislation was sponsored by Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, chairman of the
                Senate Judiciary Committee. The committee passed the legislation

                "Sadly, there are many in our society who do not honor their child support
                obligations," Hatch said in a statement. "Ultimately, it is the children who
                are hurt by such irresponsibility. Shockingly, many foreign nationals are
                able to benefit from our immigration laws even though they fail to live up
                to their child support obligations."

                Hatch said Utah parents have called his office for help after trying in vain
                to collect child support from parents who are not citizens.

                Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, helped draft the legislation. Cornyn said that
                federal law allows citizens of other countries to immigrate to the United
                States regardless of whether they are complying with child support
                obligations. Meanwhile, U.S. citizens cannot get a passport or leave the
                country if they owe child support.

                Cornyn said not paying child support "amounts to child abuse and neglect."

                "This bill sends a clear message: You are not welcome in the United States
                if you do not live up to the financial obligations for your own children,"
                Cornyn said.

                The bill would apply to parents of children who are in the United States and
                of children in countries that have an agreement with the United States on
                child support.

                The bill also would allow immigration officers to serve an immigrant with
                legal papers in child support cases.

                Cornyn spokesman Don Stewart said the State Department already has access to
                information on parents who owe child support and can use that to deny
                passports. He said border inspectors also have the information but don't
                have authority to deny entry based on the information.

                The United States fingerprints and photographs foreigners traveling on visas
                when they enter the country through the US-VISIT program operating in major
                airports and seaports. Their names and other information are cross-checked
                with multiple databases, but it was unclear Thursday whether the child
                support information is part of the US-VISIT system.


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                  [quote] I will not comment further in this soap opera thread of yours full of holes, as you are obviously a troll....or Michael in disguise!!! ROFLMAO!! [end quote]

                  Yeah, I can almost hear as "Michael in disguise" himself ROFLMAO, reading some of the responses here


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                    Thank You Native! Good to know some people out there are truly listening.

                    I would like more information on civil lawsuits regarding green card abuse. I found some results online but few and far between. I'm also tossing around the idea of getting his green card revoked based on cetain circumstances when he married me and after we were married.

                    ...and KrispyCreme...I quite like my 'Tolerate No BullS.hit' attitude...keeps little pis.sants like you in check.


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                      I didn't find anything regarding a cival suit for a marriage fraud case.

                      But if you want a divorce -

                      State laws vary regarding property in a divorce. You may be entitiled to that car he took or half the value of it. He should pay child support and in some states you might get Alimony while you go to school. You need to check into these things.

                      I would be concerned about him taking the baby's birth certificate. Do you think he might try to get the baby?


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                        If he has the permanent 10yr GC, there's almost zero chances anything can be done to him from immigration stand point , considering the length of the marriage and having a child together. If its a marriage for fraud, the tendency is the marriage doesn't last very long and there's payment involved. Your best bet is to make sure you have the best divorce attorney money can buy. Of course it might be a moot point if he just decides to ignore it and become a dead beat dad.
                        It'll be a different story if its the 2 yr conditional card.


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                          Hi webspinner

                          marmaduk has is right

                          and i think krispys original point was that you are as much at fault in this for marrying so soon(2 months), among other things

                          it also looks vindictive, especially after 7 years

                          you need good divorce advice, not immigration


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                            Webspinner..Really, kick back and re-read your post. It really does sound like the next FOX-TV Show!

                            You never express any responsibilty in your relationship and or demise. You seem to be a much smarter US Chick then that. Sorry, just my opinion. Good luck! Oh and btw check out your "state laws", Here in AZ, it's a "Community Property State" Check out yours.

                            And "Dead-Beat Dad" should be grounds for Removal..But then again, that's an oxymoron, isn't it?


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                              An alien doesn't have to stay married that long in order to get a green card. Maybe he actually cared about you some, at least at first. After being married 7 or 8 years and now splitting up and you're complaining about not having the wedding you wanted?? Trying to get him in trouble with immigration really doesn't sound realistic to me, married 7 years and now you cry fraud? He needs to split the belongings and pay child support and maybe he is a bad ole guy but....


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