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Advice on Driving to Mexico & border living

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    Spouse - that makes sense. And I do own a house here, so that shows my connection to the U.S., and the necessity of my getting back here to be able to pay for it. Reading between the lines of what I've heard from my lawyer and read elsewhere, Gluhbirne and I are pretty lucky to be doing waivers in Mexico, where most of them are approved. It seems like it's something of a formality - and I doubt very much that they actually check where the USC is living while the waiver is being processed. But of course I'm all for the policy of better safe than sorry...


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      So you'll be spending time in Mexico, too? What part is your hubby from?
      Have a nice day


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        yeah that's pretty much how it works... the only thing that BCIS might do is ask for evidence of your hardships (so, if you claim a job in the USA, you should be able to offer some type of evidence etc.)

        And yes it does seem like Mexico is a pretty good place to do it, since from what I have heard not only is there a 90% approval rate (meaning only 1 in 10 are denied) but there is also a relatively short time for adjudication (3 months or so). Ecuador, where our I-601 was filed, also had a 90% approval rate, but took nearly a year to adjudicate - UGH!


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          My hubby is from Morelos. We're planning to use those couple months to travel around Mexico a bit - we'll go to the Yucatan peninsula where I lived for a year, and in the other direction to Aguascalientes, where one of his sisters lives. And stop at lots of places in between! I can't wait!


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            I really applaud those willing to sacrifice for there loved ones...especially glubirne, spouse and esperanza.
            I hope everything works out for you.
            Glubirne, your posts are always inspiring and informational. Thanks...and don't listen to the negative people. You are very lucky to have found love,... no mattter what country anyone is from. We are all the same.


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              wow epseranza that sounds like so much fun!!! I am really jealous!

              What a great way to turn this into a positive experience!!!


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                Thanks for the encouraging words, gg. I know I'm truly husband is the greatest!!
                Have a nice day


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