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I-751 - how to waiver, need advice.

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    Hi HBKHBK,

    I am sorry for this late answer. I still didn't figure out completely how to use this website.

    I sent an application by myself.

    This is the cover latter I sent:


    United States Citizenship and
    Immigration Services
    Nebraska Service Center
    P.O. Box 87751
    Lincoln, NE 68501-7751


    RE: First name, middle, last
    A# ***
    Request For Waiver of Joint Filing Requirement of Petition to Remove
    Conditions on Residence

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Enclosed, please find a request for a waiver of the joint filing requirement of the Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence (Form I-751) for Ms. (name).

    I, (name), entered the United States on (date) and married (name) on (date). My husband and I entered into our marriage in good faith and intended to build a life together.
    (In 1-2 sentences: description what happened and why we got divorced). I filed for dissolution and the marriage was dissolved on (date).

    I am eligible for the waiver I seek pursuant to INA§216(c)(4)(B), 8 CFR §§216.5(e)(2) 1216.5(e)(2). Specifically, the evidence will establish that I entered into my marriage in good faith. In addition I built a life in the United States and it will be extremely hard for me to leave everything I worked hard for and go back to (name of the country I came from).

    Enclosed, please find:

    "¢ Completed Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence with $205 filing fee attached

    "¢ Copy of Conditional Resident Card for (my name)

    "¢ Copy of my foreign passport

    "¢ Two photographs

    "¢ Copy of Conditional Permanent Resident Card (both sides)

    Entered as evidence that I, (my name), entered into my marriage in good faith:

    "¢ Copy of Marriage Certificate for (name of wife) and (name of husband)

    "¢ Copy of my Affidavit describing how we met, dated, and decided to marry

    "¢ Copies of photos of me and my husband from our: dating period, wedding day, family gatherings, parties with friends, all New Year celebrations and birthdays, other weddings we have attended, and trips to (names of places).

    "¢ Copies of Bank (mention the name of the bank) statements of joint account with right of survivorship shared by (name of wife) and (name of husband) (2003-2006).

    "¢ Copies of joined vehicle ownership
    -vehicle registration certificate
    -privacy notice and customer acknowledgement with both signatures

    "¢ Copy of car insurance (the name of the ins. company) covering both (name of wife) and (name of husband)

    "¢ Copy of automobile insurance bill with both names

    "¢ Copy of Vehicle Report of Sale Receipt with a seller named as (name of wife) and buyer (name of husband)

    "¢ Copies of all telephone bills of both spouses received at the same address, and indicating everyday communication from 2003 to 2006

    "¢ Copies of joined tax returns for 2003, 2004

    "¢ Copies of dental insurance statements of (name of wife) and (name of husband) billing our joint bank account

    "¢ Copies of Affidavits of seven witnesses who testify that my marriage was entered into in good faith

    "¢ Copies of airplane tickets to *** for (name of wife) and (name of husband)

    "¢ Copy of (name of card, e.g "birthday card" or "get well card") and description who gave this card to whom (e.g. wife to husband or husband to wife) and date.

    "¢ Receipts for presents given to each other

    "¢ Copy of video recordings (list of DVDs)

    Entered as evidence that I and (husband's name) lived on the same address:

    "¢ Copy of Washington State Driver License for (my name)

    "¢ Copy of Washington State Driver License for (husband's name)

    "¢ Copy of two letters addressed to me and (husband's name) with the same address

    Entered as evidence that my marriage to (husband's name) is terminated:

    "¢ Certified copy of Decree of Dissolution , *** County Superior Court, (date)

    I am ready to submit originals of the documents presented in support of my request for waiver of the joint filing requirement of the Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence and bring the witnesses to my interview.

    I look forward to your response at your earliest convenience.




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      Scammer ****ster Fraudster !!!!


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        thank you so much for your reply.
        Here is my question,where did you get this part in your cover letter :
        " I am eligible for the waiver I seek pursuant to INA§216(c)(4)(B), 8 CFR §§216.5(e)(2) 1216.5(e)(2). " what do all the numbers mean etc???? something from the law book?
        You didn't come up with this by yourself did you?
        Who helped you preparing for the filing?

        Oh,you also have to put a copy of your marriage certificate in there as well?
        2 pictures as well???
        Cause the filing form doesn't say that.Hmm.

        and the other thing is I wanted to know,could you give me an example of some of the letters from your friends,family,that say your marriage was real I have an idea how it works.
        If you like e mail me at " HBKHBK22@AOL.COM "
        Cause I know my In laws would do that,couple friends,sister in law's etc...

        And should I put the original divorce papers in,or get copy from court of my divorce?

        thank you


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          Something else,its very important.
          My divorce was final at the beginning of this month.So since I am now collecting all paper work to establish my bone fide marriage.I needed to have prove of my wifes life insurance that I am the beneficiary.Now I got that today,its like an official letter from my wifes company stating like the policy and all the amount and what not,and that her spouse (my name) is the beneficiary.
          Now I am now wondering,they dated that letter.Now is the date of that paper saying I am the beneficiary matter? its the date they wrote it...but I am the benficiary months before the divorce?

          And as far our pay stub goes...I found 2 pay stub of my from April and one from June...of this year.Is that enough?I mean the pay stub show our address.
          And we had a joint credit account,before our marriage,I found a statement showing both of our addresses,is that also a good thing to include? it shows both of our names,but the address is from her parents house,but its still the same address.Is that cool? I mean we both commited joint financial responsiblities before our marriage evem.I also found some silly mails,like adds,junk mails...that have my wifes name on it,addressed to our apt and junk mails with my name,addressed to our apt? should I add all that **** as well to my 751-waiver application?
          How do I get my tax return from 2004,cause we are unable to find it.

          Another it alright to make copies of our actually credit cards and charge cards to show we have the same card and account etc?
          cause one of our credit cards says on the card itself since we have been members which is 2002.

          I just wanna get a basic Idea...the stuff weith birthday cards and x mas cards etc..I am not sure how you subit that.Do you actually sent all original cards? I mean,or you just make copies of it? or will you get your cards back?
          Because anyone could buy xmas cards,birthday cards and pretend they were from years ago.Because I have tonz of cards...since I collect everyhting from my wife i got,so did we would have all that.Just wondering if that would matter?

          well hopefully someone will take their time and answer all that.I would very much appriciate it.Thank You


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