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  • Please help.

    posted March 31, 2004 10:42 PM
    I came to the states five years ago as a student. I applied for the green card around fifteen months after I arrived. I lost the case with INS because of the one-year-period deadline. I went to the court and after a lot of hesitation, it was denied for the same reason. I appealed within 13 days and in the meantime I got married with a US citizen. I applied through our marriage application to INS and now we are waiting to hear from them. It has been around 6 months. Any experienced advice as to where we go from here would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

    (I lost in the court and i believe the decision was to leave the country, or appeal and that is what i did, appealed, in the time that i was waiting i got merried.)
    Thank you.

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    You are not being clear. You filed a case 15 months after you arrived. What kind of case? Based on what? You went to court? What kind of court? What happened? If you want help you must tell the whole story or don't bother. You can't get good advice by telling the pieces of the story that you want to tell.


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      Sheesh. You don't have to be so snippy about it.
      Have a nice day


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        What do you mean?


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          How a person with English like that can find a USC spouse?! Just taking a wild guess here... Money did all the talking, huh?

          BronzeLady was asking very specific questions and all she got is "What do you mean?", how about that. Let me try to clarify his situation:

          This dude came to the U.S. on an F/J student visa from some third world f..cked up country, overstayed the visa and to wiggle his way out of it applied for the political asylum. The b.ummer was that the deadline for applying (1 year after arrival) was long gone by then. All the years of the application being pending and denied, appealed and denied again, courts, lawyers... etc. In the meantime he found some banged up trailer trash and married her (15 months ago) trying to wiggle his way out of the mess created by the denied asylum application. The moral of the story is that all his efforts will come down to a free ride back to where he came from! Deported. The million dollar question is will his USC spouse be willing to spend years of waiting and frustration to get him back?


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            TO SUP.

            I only asked for an advice, ignorants and trash people like you that jump to conclusions do not need to reply. My intentions were not to offend anybody and i expected the same from the others. For the sake of the truth i now my wife since i came in the U.S. and i am with here, because she does not belong to the low level ignorant pepole like you.

            Thank you.


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