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  • I did not know this...

    That for 10 years AFTER I legalized and divorced my ex husband I would be responsible for him?????? In what way, shape, or form? I want to knw...

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    That for 10 years AFTER I legalized and divorced my ex husband I would be responsible for him?????? In what way, shape, or form? I want to knw...


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      what do you mean??????

      if you are talking about I-864, then the person sponsoring an alien would be responsible for the alien for 40 quarters, till his death or until the alien becomes a citizen, whichever comes first.


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        if you sponsored your husband, you knew this since you signed I-864 for him. The form explains all the responsibilities of a sponsor and your signature comes right after the statement that you read and understand the contents of I-864 form and agree to conditions thereof. It's that simple. If you didn't read and you still signed the form -- it's your problem.


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          Don't get too bent out of shape. It doesn't mean that you're solely responsible for him, it just means you're responsible for "means-tested benefits." If he gets Medicaid, Welfare, or foodstamps, then you will have to pay it back. You aren't responsible for any thing else. If he maxes out 5 credit cards or doesn't pay his mortgage or car payments, it's not going to affect you. Means-tested benefits are hard to get, especially for a man. Even if he does get them, you would only be responsible for the portion that were meant for him. You wouldn't be responsible for the portion for his spouse or children. (Unless his children were included in the affidavit.)
          Have a nice day


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            It's my understanding that the 10 year period that the I-864 covers includes the period of time you were married (if getting divorced). It is not for 10 years after marriage is over.


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              Isn't she also responsible if he goes to jail?

              Jail probably costs over $500 a day!
              Sweet Madame Belu


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                What are federal means tested public benefits?

                Federal means tested public benefits are the following:

                Food stamps

                Supplemental Security Income (SSI)


                Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

                State Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
                What assistance programs are not considered means tested public benefit programs?

                The following types of assistance are not considered means tested public benefits and do not have to be repaid.

                Emergency Medicaid

                School lunches

                Immunizations and treatment for communicable diseases

                Student assistance to attend colleges and institutions of higher learning

                Some kinds of foster care or adoption assistance

                Job training programs

                Head start

                Short-term, non-cash emergency relief


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                  The Affidavit of Support accompanies the application to Adjust to resident status. The I-864 is irrevocable, unless petition is withdrawn and new sponsor is secured for the alien. Enforceable period is valid until the such time that the alien Naturalises, dies, or has resided here 40 quarters (equivalent to 10 years), whichever occurs first. Residency period begins at the point of submission of Affidavit, if I am not mistaken.
                  I am not sure where I heard this, so the source may not be accurate, but if the alien is asked to leave the country and refuses to do so voluntarily, sponsor may become liable to reimburse for the cost to transport.


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                    "Residency period begins at the point of submission of Affidavit, if I am not mistaken."

                    Isn't it from time of "approval" as in date stamped on passport and on Green Card?
                    Sweet Madame Belu


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                      Upon further review, I was INCORRECT. My apologies. The I-864 is valid until 40 quarters of work has been performed by the alien (equivalent to ten years, generally). So, I am guessing that period would then commence with the issue of the EAD- Employment Authorization.


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                        Your post does raise a hypothetical question.

                        What if alien incures a non means-tested debt PRIOR to approval date?

                        Would sponsor's responsibility be retroactive?

                        Things that make you go, hmmmmmmmmm.
                        Sweet Madame Belu


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